Serendipitous Necklace

by Julie White.
(Oklahoma, USA)

JWhite: Serendipitous Necklace

This necklace is the result of combining pieces of copper on which I was experimenting with fold forming, embossing, stamping,engraving, and flame patina.

I realized the two pieces looked good together so I soldered on a fine silver bezel, set a stone,connected them with rings and and added “fringe” of black agate, aventurine, glass and yellow turquoise.

The challenge with this piece, in order to replicate others similar to it, is to get the ORDER of treatment and construction down to a formula, because each process can disrupt the others.

For example, heating is required to emboss the metal, embossing hardens the metal. Heating to solder on a bezel or adding a flame patina softens it again.

Hammering to reharden the metal compromises the embossing, heating changes the patina and can’t be done after the stone is set, etc. etc. Yikes!

It was fun to make and I love how fiddling around with scrap, or experimental pieces and elements can result in a finished jewelry piece. It’s like MAGIC!

Julie White
Julie White Handmade

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  • zoraida says:

    Great necklace! I love the bold look, the metal and your design. You obviously have a multitude of jewelry making skills.

  • This necklace turned out really fab, Julie – and all your experimenting on these metal pieces really made this an interesting and artistic pendant! It looks like your experiments were fortuitous.

  • Julie White says:

    Thanks,Rena and Zoraida! I’ll need to take a better photo. This one doesn’t show all the little marks and scribbles and embossing on the top piece that well. I love the look of distressed and patinated copper!

  • Love, love the end result of your challenging work, keep posting and inspiring us to push the boundaries of jewelry design.

  • Julie White says:

    Something I learned on this necklace: the little ” yellow turquoise” triangular pieces at the bottom are poor quality and have very uneven, teeny holes. I had to use a bead reamer and some of the beads chipped. I also had to use very fine 24 g? wire to string them, making the necklace much more fragile than I would like. I’ll pay much more attention to my bead holes and the bead quality in the future.

  • Millie says:

    Love the necklace, original, really nice design!

  • Dana C Smith says:

    Zowie-a Boho triumph, Julie! It’s true that we are never satisfied with how even the most inspired design turns out. Mentally revising is the artist’s burden!

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