Self-Taught Jewelry Artist Inspired by Deviant Art

by Daryl Adams.
(United States)

Chrysocolla Malachite Pendant Wire-wrapped in Fine Silver with Matching Earrings

Chrysocolla Malachite Pendant Wire-wrapped in Fine Silver with Matching Earrings

Hello, my name is Daryl Adams. I became fascinated with the art of wire-wrapped jewelry about four months ago.

Blue Azurite Pendant w/ Czech Crystal & Czech Glass Crystals Wire-wrapped in Fine Silver & 14/20 Gold Filled

Blue Azurite Pendant w/ Czech Crystal & Czech Glass Crystals Wire-wrapped in Fine Silver & 14/20 Gold Filled

As I was cruising throughout the Deviant Art website, I ran across some jewelry made by Lunarien located in the UK. I was enthralled with the intricate designs inherent in their work.

I studied books and online tutorials and decided to give it a go.

Purple Pink Tourmaline Gemstone with Purple Foiled Glass Accent Bead Wire-Wrapped Copper Patina Finish

Purple Pink Tourmaline Gemstone with Purple Foiled Glass Accent Bead Wire-Wrapped Copper Patina Finish

Around that same time, a prestigious wire-wrapping artist happened to be in town and was offering a class. That was the beginning and the rest is history.

Turquoise Pendant Wire-Wrapped with Copper Patina Finish

Turquoise Pendant Wire-Wrapped with Copper Patina Finish

I am still quite the novice and learning everyday. Hope to continue growing with this group as well.

Daryl Adams
Adams Handcrafted Jewelry at Storenvy
Adams Handcrafted Jewelry on facebook

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  • Your work is absolutely fabulous, Daryl! I love the stones you choose – and the gorgeous intricate wirework designs you create. Thanks for sharing your artistry with us!

  • Linette says:

    I’ve just started wire wrapping having amassed a folder full of ideas. Just love simple swirls and curls. Hard to tell where they begin and end. Your artistry is astounding! Kudos!

  • Linette says:

    Just looked at your site. How can you sell these for so little??? You put hours into making them and the detail is amazing. I think you’re selling yourself short. I’ve read about ‘perceived value’ and wonder if your prices were higher, your work would read as ‘artisan quality’? Food for thought?

  • Cindy C says:

    WOW! Simply stunning work! Your prices are affordable but I agree with Linette. Have you considered doing art shows. Your photography is very good too. For competition into art shows the background has to be plain and less distracting, but I think you could get in easily. Good luck. I posted a request on facebook.

  • Colleen says:

    WOW!! And you started 4 months ago?! What a talent!! Love the intricate work you’ve done.

  • Dana C Smith says:

    In concert with everyone’s comments; you have unleashed a maelstorm of talent within, Daryl! Love your stones, your intricate, yet not fussy, wraps, and your gorgeous images! It’s stunning to think you’ve only been at this for four months! Don’t let that newness cheapen your prices-you are a master!

  • I have to concur with all of the above. It’s amazing that you have developed this level of skill and artistry in such a short time! Also, your work is worth at least twice what you’re charging. It really is breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Susan Pulford says:

    As soon as I saw the wonderful pictures of your jewelry I visited your Facebook page. I even ordered one of your pendants. I love your work and definitely agree with all the above comments.

  • Carla says:

    Daryl…Fabulous. Just stunning. Do you eat or sleep? Just wonderful work here. You are no longer a novice. Give yourself credit and enjoy wrapping! Love it! It is obvious you have photography experience as well. Good work.

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Thank you so much for the very kind and generous comments. I am truly amazed and humbled. I appreciate all the input and will take it to heart…so happy to be part of this encouraging group!

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Susan, thank you very much for your purchase! It will be in the mail today Priority shipping. I really appreciate your business and hope you love the pendant!

  • Sherry Hooker says:

    Daryl, your work is amazingly beautiful. If I had made a guess, I would have said you’e been at this for years. It will be interesting to see your work when you have been at it for years, seeing how good you are now. It looks like you’ve found your niche.

  • Naomi says:

    Daryl, I am blown away by all of your beautiful wire work pieces displayed on your site! And to think you have only been doing it for such a very short time! You certainly are no longer a novice. I also agree that you probably should charge more for your jewelry. Simply beautiful work. Maybe soon we will see some of your jewelry published in one of the jewelry magazines. It is that good.

  • Wow!!! Your work is outstanding! I will connect with you on Facebook.

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Wow, thank you all again! I was discouraged last night working on a piece. It’s a custom order for a very sweet woman who is a repeat buyer. She wants the star of David with a cross in the center on a gemstone. This is my biggest challenge so far. It’s to be in fine silver and gold, so I decided to do a prototype in copper to make sure she likes the design & stone first because of the expense of the other materials. Maybe when I finish it, I can get your opinions. Or if you have any ideas now, I would appreciate all input.

  • Brenda Hardman says:

    You are very talented. Love your work.

  • Julie White says:

    I’ve not been a fan of wire wrapped jewelry before, but WOW, Daryl, yours takes it to a whole new level! Amazing and elegant.

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Thank you Brenda and Julie very much 🙂

  • Prakruti says:

    I loved your designs! They are finely crafted and the stones, you have used are a great combination with wire work.

  • Andrea M says:

    Daryl your work is being envied by us all! Precise, eye catching, superb! Please compare your work and prices to what others are offering (etsy, artifire , etc.) and consider increasing your prices. Maybe you are like me and have lots of extra time and feel as if the prices you are able to obtain your metals are low and thus price accordingly…that’s beside the point, true artistry is valued and valuable. It’s quite alright if you wind up making a good profit from your designs.

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Thank you Andrea…I really appreciate the good advice and your very kind words! I’ve been slowly testing upping the prices. The custom orders seem to command the most money. As my experience grows, I hope to garner better profits.

  • Emmy Tarr says:

    Your are extremely talented and self taught at that. Please keep creating. Thanks for sharing your impressive work.

  • Did…did you just say that’s novice work? *jaw drops and drools*

    Absolutely…absolutely stunning. I’ve always wanted to learn that technique but I’ve always felt it evades me. I wish I had an artist in the area to teach me. You are so talented. Beautiful work, it will go far 🙂

  • Millie says:

    You have an incredible eye for design, love your work it is exceptional!!!

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Thank you Emmy, Melissa & Millie…you are all so very kind! I always think of the expression from the movie ‘Back to the Future’…”If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”. Go for it, you never know what you might achieve. I want to experience all I can in life, so this was something I wanted to try. I work a full-time job, but I hope someday when I retire I will have enough knowledge, experience and ability to teach classes and attend art shows. I love people, so it would be a lot of fun. 🙂

  • Susan Pulford says:

    I received my gorgeous pendant yesterday and wore it today. I am so impressed with the quality of your work. I love it and so did the friends I have shown it to. You are a wonderful artisan. Thank you.

  • Daryl Adams says:

    Oh, I’m so happy Susan that you loved the pendant and that your friends did too. Thank you very much for your kind words and compliment! 🙂

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