Seashell Pendants

by Anne K. Mulligan.
(Stratford, Connecticut USA)

GoldenShell Pendant – My first attempt at \”frame\” wire-wrapping

I love making jewelry from found objects and decided to submit pendants made from seashells for this challenge.

Shell Inside Pendant – I combined two shells from the beach with silver wire.

Pieces of shells formed by nature especially intrigue me and I feel that Mother Nature has already done half the job.

Zen Garden Pendant

Zen Garden pendant – There was something about the swirl of the shell that said \”meditation\” to me.


Shoreline pendant – I was going for a yin/yang play of masculine and feminine.

“Shoreline” was a favorite and I’m glad that it sold to a friend who loved it as much as I did.

Anne K. Mulligan
Flotsam & Whimsy

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