Sea Shell Minimalist Leather Necklace

by Christie Dunn.

I love making leather necklaces and like to keep them a bit simple in design so they do not look too busy.

This necklace idea was derived from an experiment I did with Kato polyclay.

Sea Shell Minimalist Leather Necklace by Christie Dunn  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Kato Polyclay Shell Leather Necklace

If you have never worked with this type of clay, it can be a little intimidating. You have to knead it for a while to get it to soften.

I softened the clay to my liking and pressed a shell I found on a trip to Myrtle Beach into the clay to form the image needed.

After cutting out the shell and baking the piece, I painted it with plaster white chalk paint and edged it with pastel pink chalk paint.

Once the shell pendant was ready, all I had to do was get my leather cord cut to the desired length, knot the pendant onto the cord and embellish the necklace with a few square coral beads.

The simple one of a kind designs is what I enjoy about making jewelry.

Christie Dunn
Clover & Willow

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