Scissor Charms

by Kathleen Davis.
(Fiddletown, California USA )

Scissor Charms

Scissor Charms

I use my extra beads and charms to make what I call Scissor charms.

There are many people in my community that quilt and also do a lot of scrapbooking together.

They put these charms on their scissors so they can distinguish their scissors from their friends’ scissors

I have also had my customers use them on the tab of a soda can so they know which drink is theirs at a party, or put them on a bookmark, your purse zipper, a cell phone – I am sure you can also come up with some nifty ideas too.

I sell these for $5.00 and it’s a good way of making extra money at my craft fairs.

I have even added the sterling silver alphabet beads to them to add their initials. I charge extra for the sterling silver.

It’s so much fun to bead, and to make things that are a fun item.

You can see more of them at:

Kathleen Davis


by: Patricia

Great ideas! I’ve been using my orphan beads on ribbon necklaces, but your ideas are more universal.

Ingenious Idea!
by: Rachel

I love it and I know a lot of people who would agree with me! That is a great idea and design!

Alphabet Charms too!
by: Virginia Vivier –

I make a lot of charm bracelets using letters to spell out the recipient’s name or numbers for their birthdate. I have some left over letters and numbers that could be put to good use using your idea!

Thanks for helping generate some creative juices towards money making ideas!


Scissor charms
by: Abigail Lawrence

excellent, i used to give the odd beads to my kiddies to play with just so they leave me to do what i so desperately nned to do. I have used my odd bead making book marks. Somwhow, i thnk we found a use and an income for odd beads:-)

I love your design!
by: Sherry – Straiteye Beads

I actually started making Scissor Charms a little over a year ago. My sister has Scrapbooking Crops once a month, and she actually came up with the idea for me to make them for her ladies. But, I like the way you do yours. I have had success with mine. They are fun and profitable.

How creative!
by: Lianne

What a neat idea! I’m always encouraging those I work with to “think outside of the box”, and I think you’ve come up with a fantastic “out of the box” gem!

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