Scarf Jewelry

by Tammy.
(Brockville Ontario, Canada)

Scarf Jewelry

Scarf Jewelry

I started making the scarf jewelry to use up silver spoons that I was not able to use for my silverware bracelets.

I had quite a collection of silverware that was just too plain to make a pretty bracelet. I also had a lot of left over pieces of vintage jewelry, baubles, and silver settings.

I always have left over pieces of broken teacups and saucers so this was a great way to use up those pieces that didn’t get used on other projects.

I decided to make the scarf jewelry as wearing scarves is a big fashion accessory right now

I flatten the bowl of the spoon, curved the handle into a circle and attached the settings, jewelry or china pieces.

Your scarf threads through the handle of the spoon and hangs nicely on most scarves. Everything is recycled!

Silver and China


Scarf Jewelry from Odds and Ends
by: Rena

How cool, Tammy! I love how you’re using not only spoons that wouldn’t have any other use, but also your leftover pretties that are now adorning them.

And what a great way to accessorize a scarf!

Thanks so much for sharing your odds and ends project idea with us!

by: Pallavi Gandhi

brilliant idea! and so beautiful!

Great Idea
by: Irene

It’s the first time I’ve heard of ‘scarf jewelry’ and I love the idea! These pieces are beautiful!

by: Jennifer

I love the concept of using found items and turning into something beautiful to give them new life. These are wonderful.

Very clever
by: Line

Great idea for repurposing your spoons. Very inventive.

by: The wristbandit

What a great idea, very creative use of left over materials.

so creative
by: Michelle

This is such a wonderful idea – so creative! And, they are really beautiful, too!!

by: Anonymous

Wow, what a cool way to use spoons. Very nice work.

Scarf Jewelry
by: Monarch Beads

What a cool idea. I will have to try this for myself since I am one that wears a lot of scarves.

vintage beads

by: Marie

stunning very creative ten out of ten

Scarf rings
by: Barbara

Being a scarf wearer myself. What a wonderful idea. They are very beautiful.

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  • Sue says:

    These spoons are very difficult to bend. What do you do to force them to bend in the proper position. I have annealed them, only to find the silver plate is somewhat compromised. Thanks.

  • Pamela says:

    you mention using pottery/porcelain pieces… how do you shape the pieces to fit in/on the spoon bowl so they don’t look like ugly broken pottery shards?

  • Ann L. says:

    What is the easiest way to flatten the spoon if you don’t have specialized metal-working equipment? I have a bench block and chasing and ball peen hammer, and that is about it.

  • Carol Burton says:

    Lovely idea. So many classy scarf decorations!

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