Scandalous Steampunk Brooch Eye Patch

by Marissa Dunthorn.
(Austin, Texas USA)

Scandalous Steampunk Brooch Eye Patch by Marissa Dunthorn

Scandalous Steampunk Brooch Eye Patch by Marissa Dunthorn

This beautiful Steampunk Eye-Patch is made from a cone shaped vintage inspired brooch.

The brooch features shining jet rhinestones in a circular shape on the outer ring, smaller ring around the middle, and a larger rhinestone dead-center.


This has simple yet impeccable chain-work detail that attaches to circular rings on the sides – for easy attachment with ribbon.

This Steampunk Eye-Patch is one size fits all.


I make sure to keep in mind that these items are made to be worn, so I take care when crafting for complete durability while traveling through Aether.

Marissa Dunthorn


Steampunk Brooch Eye Patch
by: Rena

How I love this clever, diabolical eye-patch, Marissa! It’s beautiful, cool, and very original.

And I’m glad to hear that it’s crafted to withstand all sorts of journeys and quests through the Aether! 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing your artistry with us.

by: Kristina

That is so many kinds of awesome I can’t even say them all.

Many thanks
by: Anonymous

Thank you so very much for featuring me. I absolutely adore creating beautiful, feminine, and unexpected pieces of jewelry. I absolutely love these eye-patches and get many a head-turn while wearing them. What a conversation starter…

Steampunk eye patch
by: Kate

Oh this is naughty – but nice. Thanks for sharing

so cute
by: Anonymous


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