What Do You Say When Someone Compliments Your Jewelry?

by Rena Klingenberg.

What Do You Say When Someone Compliments Your Jewelry? by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

When I first started putting my jewelry out to the public, I wasn’t prepared for compliments on my work and didn’t know how to respond.

So I’d reply awkwardly, “Oh, uh, thank you!”

I realized that I needed to learn how to accept compliments on my jewelry with grace and appreciation.

So I started studying how
other artists responded to compliments
at art shows.

I heard many professional artists doing something that I really liked, and I adapted my own version of it:

When I receive a compliment on my work, I accept it by saying sincerely from my heart, “Thank you.”

Then I add a brief sentence with some interesting, non-salesy information about my jewelry in general or the specific item that attracted the compliment.

That way the conversation
doesn’t end at “thank you”.

Instead, your response will encourage the other person to ask a question or say something more.

You can practice a few phrases you might say, so a nice reply will roll off your tongue naturally.

For example:

  • “Thank you! I love creating ways to make sea glass wearable.”
  • “Thank you! The center of this pendant is actually a vintage earring from the 1950’s.”
  • “Thank you! I used two different chain maille weaves in this bracelet.”
  • “Thank you! I love designing big, bold pieces of jewelry that are also comfortable.”

What do you say when you receive a compliment on your jewelry?

(And if you’re from a culture where it’s considered more polite to deny a compliment than to accept it, I’m also interested in hearing how you respond to compliments on your jewelry.)

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