Sand, Surf & Sea

by Aly Moody.
(Wilmington, North Carolina USA)

I live near the beach so it’s not hard to conjure images and memories of my times there.

AMoody: Sand, Surf & Sea 1

A 10 minute drive and I can stick my toes in the sand. But for some, the beach is a temporary vacation adventure.

They only have a one or two week opportunity to enjoy seeing the surf wash up onto the sand. Those are the people that came to mind when inspiration struck for this bracelet.

AMoody: Sand, Surf & Sea 2

Agate, jasper, crystals and silver textured beads come together to recreate the look and the feel of the surf washing up onto the shore, carrying with it treasures from the deep.

Aly Moody
Simple Truth Creations at Etsy

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