Round Nose Pliers

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Round nose pliers are essential for making wire loops – as well as creating many other curved shapes in jewelry metals.

They have tapered jaws that are rounded all the way from the wide base to the narrow tip, so you can make loops or bends of various sizes depending on what part of the jaw you’re using.

A Tip for Using
Round Nose Pliers

You can see that on my round-nose pliers (in the photo above), I have a black line that I’ve drawn with a Sharpie marker on one of the jaws.

I know that every time I put my wire on that line when I’m making a loop, every loop will to turn out exactly the same size.

That’s very helpful, especially if you’re making something with multiple parts that all need to hang the same length – such as a pair of earrings.

By making sure that both earring dangles have the same size loop, they’re much more likely to hang down to the same length.

If you decide that the spot where you’ve marked your pliers isn’t where you want it after all, you can easily clean it off with rubbing alcohol and mark a different spot.

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