Rotating Display from a Tealight Holder

by Andrea.
(Denver, CO)

Andrea Rotating Display from Tealights4

I live in a suburb of the Mile High City, beautiful Denver, Colorado with my five (yes, five) parrots. While I’ve made parrot toys for 11 years, I never thought of making jewelry until it dawned on me one day that a ‘jump ring’ shouldn’t be much different to open than an ‘o’ ring used in bird toys and Viola!, my creative interest was once again piqued.

I work full time and almost all my time at home is dedicated to supervising the flock, but I found an empty space on a kitchen counter and carve out an hour in the evening if I’m lucky, teaching myself to make earrings. My first efforts have been amusing, to say the least, but I’ve been persistent and thanks to Rena and this wonderful site, I’ve progressed enough to have earrings that are interesting enough to put in my kind, hairdresser’s lovely salon.

I used her metal tree for the display throughout the holidays and she put it right on the counter where customers pay for their service and schedule another appointment. While the display tree was very nice, I wanted something I felt I didn’t have to ‘borrow’. I’ve seen items used to create awesome displays here, but I wanted something that could rotate, without looking like the usual earrings display ‘block’.

I’ve been buying earrings from some local thrift stores that I dismantle and redesign into other styles but I stumbled upon a few stray items I felt would work for a new display.
Andrea Rotating Display from Tealights

I took a black, metal ‘tea light’ holder, removed the candle tins, gave it many coats of ‘Colonial Red’ and took the rotating bottom from an old spice rack display to use as the base and start the transformation.

I liked the graduation in height of the tea light holder and the openness of the design allowed for good visibility. I bought the ‘staples’ at Home Depot, put them around the base of the display and pounded them in. I finished with painting the staples red, but you could also use a super holding glue to attach the display to the base instead of the staples. The black plastic rings can be found in the paint chip section for Behr paint, also at Home Depot.


They are used to ‘design’ a color palette from the various color chips, for a room or area you’re considering painting: a ‘chip ring’ of sorts. The clerk was nice enough to let me have a few and while the two black rings supporting some post earrings on the last picture of the display don’t show very well, they are excellent for keeping your earrings facing forward if they are on cards. You can also hang rings or bracelets independently from the plastic rings.

Andrea Rotating Display from Tealights3

While this project wasn’t difficult, it was very tedious as I’m a terrible perfectionist and took extra steps you wouldn’t necessarily have to take to still create a nice rotating display. One drawback with this metal display is that it is only about 10” high, even sitting on the base, but you could certainly lift it with anything you’d prefer, to bring it up to a better viewing height on a table display. You could put a ‘riser’ in the center and display a few brooches or rings as well.

Because my time is so limited right now, I’ll probably never have enough inventory to show my earrings anywhere but my friend’s salon, but it’s become the ‘unwind’ and therapeutic part of my evening and I love it.

Thank you Rena for everything you do to help anyone do and be the best they can, and learn everything they can along the way!

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