River Pebble Charm Bracelet

by Alicia.
(Dover, Delaware USA)

I have a vase full of little river pebbles that came from the Dollar store. They were originally purchased for our turtle tank but ended up being too small. So now they sit in glass vases as home decor.

ARivera: River Pebble Charm Bracelet 1

A lot of the little rocks are actually quite pretty, so I decided to see if I could wrap some and turn them into charms. It was a little creative experiment on a lazy Sunday.

ARivera: River Pebble Charm Bracelet 2

I just wrapped the stones free hand, no particular wrapping technique, with 22 and 24 gauge copper. Then I hammered the stone charms with a nylon hammer to work harden the little wire cages around each stone.

The hammering caused the wire to move away from the rocks in some spots but since the wire is hard they don’t actually move inside the wire. I kind of like the gaps and spaces between some of the wire wraps and the rocks.

ARivera: River Pebble Charm Bracelet 3

Then I made a super simple chain with copper and black jump rings then added my fav hook and eye clasp.

I didn’t come out exactly the way I envisioned. I think I will like it more after the copper has darkened a bit. However, it wears nicely and even though they are little stones, it’s not heavy at all.

ARivera: River Pebble Charm Bracelet 4

I did like the bracelet enough to fish around for two similar stones and made a pair of earrings out of them.

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