Ring Size Chart

by Rena Klingenberg.

Ring Size Chart - Jewelry Making Journal

The ring size chart below shows standard sizes for the U.S., plus the approximate diameter and circumference for each.

To make the chart more useful for you, here are the most common ring sizes for men and women, and tips for measuring your fingers for the best fit.

Most Common Ring Sizes

Women’s most common ring sizes: 5 through 8.

Women’s average ring size: 7.

Men’s most common ring sizes: 8 through 12.

Men’s average ring size: 10.

However, if you’re selling jewelry it’s a good idea to carry a wider selection of sizes. There are many folks with very large or very small fingers who really appreciate finding a jeweler with ring sizes outside of the average range.

Selling adjustable rings is also a good solution for fitting more customers.

How to Find Your Ring Size

It’s best to measure for a ring size when your fingers are at their largest, which is usually at the end of the day.

Measuring Your Finger
with a Ring Sizer Set:

The easiest method is to use a ring sizer set (available at most jewelry suppliers). It’s a collection of plastic or metal rings, usually ranging from U.S. size 4 to 13, in half-size increments.

Simply try on the rings till you find the one with the most comfortable fit that slides on and off easily.

Measuring Your Finger
with a Tape Measure:

You can also use a flexible metric tape measure instead of the ring sizer set.

Wrap the tape measure around the base of your finger, and make sure you can slide it on and off easily over your knuckle.

Write down the measurement in millimeters.

Then, using the “circumference” column of the ring size chart above, locate the mm measurement you found on the tape measure and follow it across to see your ring size.

When making jewelry, a ring sizing mandrel helps you create rings with a perfect fit.

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Circumference
Inside Diameter
0 36.5 11.6
1 39.1 12.5
2 41.7 13.3
3 44.0 14.0
4 46.5 14.8
5 49.0 15.6
6 51.7 16.5
7 54.3 17.3
8 57.2 18.2
9 59.7 19.0
10 62.2 19.8
11 64.7 20.6
12 67.2 21.4
13 69.7 22.2
14 72.3 23.0
15 74.8 23.8
16 77.4 24.6

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