Ring Of Armor

by Jamie Santellano.
(Santa Clarita, California USA)

Ring Of Armor

Ring Of Armor

I created the Ring Of Armor because of my love for chainmail and the inspiration I receive from the Medieval Warriors of the past.

I love how chainmail glides against the skin like fabric.

I’m fascinated with the textures that are attainable with different weaves.

My idea in the creation of this piece was to create a ring that was chainmail, and without movement.

The only way to accomplish this was to create a sheet like strip.

With a background in silversmithing, I was able to achieve just that with silversmithing techniques in soldering, and hammering.

First I made all the jumprings, cut them with a jeweler’s saw and linked them together.

I soldered each joint of each sterling silver jumpring in the pattern, and once that was done I soldered all the links together lying flat.

Shaped the strip into a ring and then locked the ring into place.

What’s really great about this ring is it’s so solid, and yet airy. It looks big and chunky, and yet it really doesn’t feel that way once it’s on.

I think it may have something to do with the way the links lie down once I’ve hammered the entire piece . . . seems to have a barrel shape to it.

More of my creations can be seen on my website:

Jamie Santellano
Jamie Santellano – artist in metal sculpture and jewelry


A ring of rings
by: Rena

A beautiful piece, wonderfully photographed. Also I LOVE the “Ring of Armor” title.

I loved hearing about your inspiration for this creation, and how you worked your materials to form it.

Thank you for sharing your artistry and your artistic process with us!

Exciting News!
by: Jamie Santellano


Thank you! I am very excited about this piece. There will be a detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial guide with pictures of how the ring is created that will published with Art Jewelry Magazine. I’m not sure of the publication date at the moment, and will be blogging about it once it’s released.

Thanks again for having a wonderful site with loads of information that has definitely helped me with different facets of how I can approach my business workings.

Woo Hoo!
by: Rena

Jamie, that’s fantastic!

I’m so excited for you – your artistry is very deserving of recognition.

Thank you for your kind words about my site. :o)

by: Angie S

That is onr brilliant ring!

Thank you!
by: Jamie Santellano

Thanks Angie!

Fabulous Ring!!!
by: Patricia

I love doing chain maille but never thought of doing something so innovative. I’m so excited to know that your pattern for this ring will be in a magazine in the near future. Thank you for sharing.

by: Rita Juhlin

You – “I soldered each joint of each sterling silver jumpring in the pattern” – OMG!!

Beautiful Work, you should be published for that accompishment. Kudos!

My Favorite!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all the support on this ring. Before I sent it off to the Magazine to be photographed, I was wearing it around, and received some positive feedback.

It will be interesting to see what happens next…It truly is one of my favorites!

by: Lynn

Very different and exciting design…I love making maille rings, and one of the biggest challenges is to join the ends. Can’t wait to see how you accomplished this!

Great Ring
by: Gene Lindsey

I like your idea to stabilize the ring. Very inovative and must be a pain to solder the rings after their assembly. I also have trouble closing that pattern with small rings. What size rings did you use?

Very Impressive
by: Sam Ryder

This is an excellent ring, and I also love the metalwork on your website. Congratulations on your inclusion into Art Jewelry magazine!

Very Grateful
by: Jamie Santellano

Hi Lynn, Thanks for checking out the ring…was indeed an ah-ha! moment for me when I was brainstorming for ideas to do something new. Often times I get stuck and can’t think of anything new to do, but this one I think hit hard, and I’m very grateful to have been able to accomplish something innovative.

Gene, I’ve struggled with the same thing, but I have to say after watching Spider’s video, on Weaving Silver…she makes it all very clear. I would suggest you check it out if you haven’t already. I finally did get a chance to get some private lessons from her and I have to say that it was such a great investment! She reminded me of the finger nail test. In case you don’t know, it’s a matter of running you finger nail across the surface of the joint to see if you have in fact closed the joint properly, or if you haven’t. If you haven’t you’ll know because your nail will catch and that is a “BIG” indicator that that joint will catch, scratch, and will be a weak. I hope this helps 🙂

Sam, Thanks for taking a look at my site and the Sculpture too! That’s where it all started for me until life changed and I went through a rough divorce, and found myself needing to make more money. Through jewelry I was able to make things happen quicker especially when I needed it the most. Life changes and brings new opportunity, and with that I’ve found another passion and am forever grateful of the people and the friends and family who have supported me through it all. Thanks to all of you for being here and helping make the sweet even sweeter and the bitter not so bitter.
Most of all thanks to Rena for having this site, for it has been a great place for learning from others, and meeting new people and has made the overall experience so much fun!

Cheers to you all!

Beautiful Use of Chain Maille!
by: Maelinde

I’ve always loved chain mail. I’m a Renaissance Faire attendee and anything chain mail fits right in.

Never thought to do a ring out of it though! What a brilliant and lovely idea. Thank you for sharing your work and the artistic process with us.

Ring of Armor
by: Dean

A beautiful ring. Like Maelinde I too am a Renny.
Just a suggestion though. Since a lot of people that attend Ren Faires are veterans would it be possible to incorporate a symbol of each of the branches of the armed forces into the ring of armor. Just a thought but I think many would be interested and it would be a way to honor our men and women in the military. Thanks, Dean.

by: Gene Lindsey

It would really be great if a symbol could be worked in. I finally closed one ring but have another that I cannot seem to be able to close. The rings I’m woring with are just too small I don’t have any trouble closing a bracelet with much larger rings with this weave.

The one I did close was large enough that it will lay flat what a beautiful pendant or earings this would make! I have a picture but don’t see how I can attach to this comment. Help!

See Gene Lindsey’s Pendant / Ring Here:
by: Rena

Ring Turned Pendant (the piece Gene referred to in the comment just above this one).

Left up to the individual…
by: Jamie Santellano

Thanks so much for all your compliments on this ring. You have all contributed great ideas in taking this piece to the next level! If you decide to try them please post them so we can see what you come up with 🙂

Gene, I think you have a great idea in creating a pendant. I just wonder if it would be advantageous to solder the entire piece so that it holds it’s shape?…just a thought.

Rena, I think Gene’s idea for earrings would be light enough if the gauge of metal and mandrel are a smaller size.

Ring Of Armor
by: Gene Lindsey

Jamie I agree that it would have to be soldered solid to hold its shape. I am debating whether to do that or keep as a ring. I also think it would work better in a little larger size. I may make another one and see. You scare me when you mention smaller gage and mandrel. I am still having trouble working with the smaller rings.

Takes lots of practice…
by: Jamie Santellano

I can sympathize with you on the smaller gauge of wire and mandrel, but it is possible. Spider (educator & mail artist) is a micromailer. I had the opportunity to take a one-on-one class with her and she is great about the information she provides. A very good educational tool to use in chainmailing is Spider’s DVD “Weaving Silver.” It is a great guide in learning the weaves and perfecting them.
All in all it just takes lots of practice and experimentation in a variety of sizes. You begin to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Ring Of Armor
by: Gene Lindsey

Thanks Jamie I will chek on spiders site. I have her bookmarked and have already picked up a lot of info from her. We are going out of town tomorrow and I am making a lot of copper rings in various sizes to practice with. We will be in a Travel Trailer at Myrtle Beach so I will have some time to experiment.

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