Ring Display Mini-Trunk

by Laura K.
(Up in the Clouds)

Ring display mini trunk

To round up her ring collection, Laura bought a Paris-themed metal mini-trunk and a long strip of peach-colored felt.

Start with a pretty little metal trunk

She folded the felt like an accordion and packed it tightly into the mini-trunk.

The dips between the folds are perfect for holding a ring shank, gently but snugly.

Fold up a piece of felt

You could easily stock a pretty trunk like this with your handmade rings, close the lid and transport it to your next jewelry showing.

DIY ring display

Then simply open the lid and you’re in business!

Thanks so much to Laura for sharing her great ring display idea with us!

Up in the Clouds


Totally Totable Ring Display
by: Rena

I love this simple, do-able, compact idea, Laura! So easy to load up and transport, with the rings safely inside.

Thank you so much for sharing your project with us!

Even easier!
by: Ang

I’ve seen something like this done with craft foam, but I like this even better!

Love it!
by: Victoria_Germany

Congrats! Good and simple idea! Thank you for sharing your idea.


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