Options that Encourage Return Customers

by Janice Abarbanel.
I devised a system for the jewelry designer or customer to have options. These options entice people to come back for more!

Front view (left) and back view (right) of reversible polymer clay pendant bead by Janice Abarbanel

Front view (left) and back view (right)
of reversible polymer clay pendant bead
by Janice Abarbanel

Selling Point #1:
Reversible Pendant Beads

Prior to 2003, I had made a DVD teaching people how to crochet with seed beads. In 2003, someone had invited me to participate in a bead show so that I could sell my DVD.

At the time, I had just started playing with polymer clay. I thought it would be a good idea to bring some beads to the show.

What the heck, right?

The beads were a success and that was the beginning of my journey with polymer clay.

The shape of the beads are very conducive to making them reversible. So, when people were coming by my booth, I would tell them that the beads are reversible. They loved that idea!

It became Selling Point #1.

Janice's EZ Bead Changer bail

Janice’s EZ Bead Changer bail

Selling Point #2:
An Easy Way to Change Pendant Beads

In the meantime, I fell in love with the mesh necklaces which I now sell in my Etsy shop. I wanted to make beads to go with them, but the necklaces were too wide to put a bead on.

I began soldering tubes and wires together and making my own bails for them. I had already been selling these “EZ Bead Changers” on my
crocheted bracelet website because I saw a need for people to put a glass focal bead or whatever on their crocheted necklaces.

But when I realized I could make them as well for the mesh necklaces, the customer could now have the option of removing and changing the bead.

That’s when my “EZ Bead Changer” was born on my Etsy shop – which became Selling Point #2.

One of Janice's polymer clay pendant beadson her EZ Bead Changer bail

One of Janice’s polymer clay pendant beads
on her EZ Bead Changer bail


Options = Return Customers

Find a way to give your customers more for their money. Give them value added. It’s like two for the price of one.

Also, they love options.

Examine how things work with a piece of jewelry – is there a better design? Is something missing? How can you change it? Why would you change it? How can you make it better?

Everytime I’m at a show and mention to someone how the beads are reversible and changeable, I see their faces light up.

They’re thrilled! Especially in this crazy economy.

I now have people from all over the world who have purchased my reversible beads and my bead changers.

And – they keep coming back for more.

Author Janice Abarbanel makes art beads with polymer clay. She also fabricates the EZ Bead Changer made specifically for her mesh necklaces which she currently sells at her Naftali Etsy shop.

Janice’s beads are reversible, and with the bead changer – they also become changeable! Once a customer owns one bead they most often come back for more because they are very unusual!

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