Retro Chic Jewelry Display Grouping

by Alicia.
(Arlington, Virginia)

Jewelry display created on a budget of $0.

I had a budget of $0 for the month, and was forced to shamelessly raid my mom’s library.

I used several of her coffee table books on the silver screen to really set the mood.

The displays are cheap white leatherette.

I found this crazy cheap spool of ribbon that felt like paper.

I tore strips of pale peach gauze, recycled from a previous display, and draped them around the busts and shoved spays down under the black ribbon.

The Eiffel Towers were found for free online as a pattern to print at home on your own card stock.

Everything there was assembled with scotch tape.

I can’t believe the lovely responses I received on my last post here, Give Old Jewelry Displays a Fresh New Look.

Thank you so much, it’s really great to know there are other people out there facing jewelry display challenges.

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Thank you . . .
by: Rena

for showing what can be done without spending any money at all – just using free resources and various things you already have.

Lots of great ideas here – I especially like the idea of using the books with the classic Hollywood theme to set the tone for your display and jewelry.

Also fantastic inspiration to look for free online printable stuff to use! There’s a TON of free printables on nearly any topic you can think of – so lots of scope for any theme or style.

Thank you again, Alicia, for sharing your awesome innovative jewelry display ideas!

cool, cool, cool!
by: Marcie

You’ve inspired me Alicia! I was feeling bummed because I couldn’t afford to get some of the stuff I saw at different jewelry display suppliers, but now I’m more excited to invent my own display setup! Thanks for all the inspirations!

Very talented!
by: Donna C

You are very talented!! Very attractive showcase.

Thinking Outside The Box
by: Arbie Goodfellow

You did a wonderful job!
Reusing found items from around the house is what everyone could do.
I think the first thing most of us could do is just take a walk around the house, garage, attic, basement and see what you have and then build on that.
Lots of times it’s more interesting to see these found items as a display than what you can find for sale for a jewerly display.

Love your Eiffel Tower!!

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