Repurposed Vintage Compact and Brooch RetroClassy Necklace

by A. E. Syphers.
(Gulf Coast, Sarasota County, Florida USA)


I’ve been repurposing vintage and antique jewelry, parts and pieces for quite some time now. This is a recent creation of mine. I wanted to do a piece that used a vintage compact mirror. This piece is simple and straight forward using just half of a vintage compact, a beautiful antique brooch and a chain.

Most of my pieces are born from a single part I want to build around. Digging around flea markets or antique shops gives me more ideas that I can keep track of! The cheap pieces are usually the most interesting to try and incorporate and come out the best. I think “around” the part I want to use and eventually, after sitting in front of my tons of antique jewelry and other “stuff” a neat piece will come together that makes outdated, broken, mismatched or seemingly useless parts useful and fun again. I love bringing home orphaned jewelry parts and pieces that would otherwise languish away in boxes and give them new life and purpose!

It’s so much fun and not to mention how rewarding it is to make a piece that someone would buy and use because they love it just as much! 🙂

A. E. Syphers


by: Leigh

The mirror is a great addition to the necklace. Wonderful colors and look.

by: Kristina

I never would have thought to use something like a compact in jewelry, even though I try to look for jewelry component potential in a lot of things. Very creative and the result is pretty.

great piece
by: Line from Playsculptlive

I love the idea of using mirrors in a pendant like this. Not too many people do it. Good for you, it’s lovely.

by: Lorraine/Wired Orchid

Your piece has such a lovely vintage feel to it. I really like the color combo. Nice job!

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