Repositioning Your Unsold Jewelry (Video)

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena
Video Episode 28

by Rena Klingenberg.

Don’t let your unsold jewelry items sit around. Sometimes you just need to help people perceive these items in a different way:

Transcript of this Video:

What jewelry items do you have sitting around, unsold, that could sell better if you repositioned them or repackaged them in some way?

Sometimes all you need to do is to help people perceive these unsellable items in a different way.

For example, let’s say you’ve made a necklace that hasn’t sold after being displayed at several jewelry shows and parties.

How could you reposition it or repackage it to help people see it as more desirable?

First, I’d try raising the price on it – which raises people’s impression of it.

You might position the necklace as being part of a jewelry set.

You might find a way to make it more versatile, so it can be worn or used in a variety of ways – for example as either a multi-strand choker or a long single-strand necklace.

You might add a cool, unique component to it – like an unusual pendant or clasp.

You might make it seasonal – add a seashell to that necklace and position it as resort wear.

You might even just take it apart and create new things from the components.

The important thing is not to let any of your inventory just sit there, taking up space without ever selling.

Play with repositioning or repackaging your unsold items in some way.

Because people perceive things the way we present them.

Repositioning Your Unsold Jewelry, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

The Jewelry Rena’s Wearing
in This Video:

Copper Jewelry by Rena Klingenberg

Pendant: From my Rustic Foldover Pendant tutorial.

Leather Choker: From my Leather Choker for Pendants tutorial.

Earrings: From my Zen Spiral Hoop Earrings tutorial.

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