Remembering Clara

by Joan Williams.
(Springfield, Missouri USA)


The beautiful young woman in this piece is my paternal grandmother, the only grandparent I ever knew. She was an elderly lady by the time I was born, but I always loved this picture which is from her 1909 wedding photo.

I took a color photocopy of the picture, reducing it in size to fit the opening of the filigree frame piece. With my fingers I spread a coating of white glue on both sides of the photo to seal it. Mod Podge or gel medium can also be used – this will prevent blurring that can occur with resin.

Next I glued heavy card stock to the photocopy and glued the picture in place to the underside of the frame. Using ICE resin, I carefully covered the photo and set the piece aside overnight to cure. To finish, I attached some antiqued brass chain with some tea stained ribbon threaded through it, and applied a few flatback crystals to the frame.

Joan Williams
Lilruby – jewelry design and more at Etsy


by: Irene

What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. A real work of art!

Love it
by: Tammy

I love this piece! I am always attracted to the old fashioned look for jewelry and have a deep appreciation for designing jewelry that is personalized. You did a superb job……….love it!

by: Anonymous

Wonderful bracelet! I particularly like the use of the gunmetal frame and chain to compliment your grandmother’s black and white photo. I think it’s black and white anyway. You said you took a color copy but on my monitor it looks black and white. I also think the four small crystals really drew my eyes to the photo. They are just right and not to overdone.
Thanks for sharing. Diana

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