Recycled Vinyl Record Earring Display

by Lisa Portenga.
(Newaygo, MI USA)

Vinyl lp post earring display - check out the custom record label!

95% of my jewelry is from recycled goodies ranging from vintage typewriters to old game pieces. I had a friend give me 5 boxes of old vinyl records.

Vinyl lp fish hook earring display

First thing I did was make a bunch of record bowls which are AWESOME if I say so myself. Then I branched out into trying to make some creative, yet inexpensive, jewelry displays for the boutiques that carry my wearable art.

Jewelry display made from old records

After many failed attempts, I came up with a definite conversation starter – this works for the stores and the customers love it! This also allows me to create my own logo sticker for the center of the record.

I’ve also come up with a bracelet display and a stacking bowl display!

Thanks for allowing me to share!

Lisa Portenga
The Empty Nest


by: Angie S

These are just FANTASTIC!!!
Are you willing to share your technique? I would love to know how you melted/shaped these…
Stay Creative,
Angie S

by: Lestyn

Very clever idea. And records probably arent’t used anymore and you could probably gather many. Good idea and thanks for sharing

Very Cool
by: Barbara

Very clever & really cool. Labels are an awesome touch!

You should sell these…
by: Janine Gerade

You could probably make a little extra $ if you sell these to other jewelry artists and have a few on hand at your show because someone is going to want to buy that 3 tier one. Especially if they recognize the artist. I would totally love a 3 tier one with Madonna or Prince records! lol

Record display
by: Anonymous

Your display it great!

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  • sheila says:

    Really interested in your record cake stand do you sell any of your creations?

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