Re-Purposed Vintage Brooch

by Gail Schmidt.
(Tennessee USA)

I love the idea of re-purposing and have been doing it in many forms for more years than I can remember.

Dreaming of Spring #2

Dreaming of Spring #2

And it makes me really happy to re-purpose old jewelry into new. I don’t see people wearing brooches much these days, so when I stumble on ones I like I snatch them up, knowing I can give them new life as a necklace or a bracelet.

Dreaming of Spring #1

Dreaming of Spring #1

As a mixed media artist obsessed with layers and texture I try to also bring that particular aesthetic to my jewelry. These are my two latest “saved” brooches that are now necklaces.

During the cold winter we are experiencing, and the colors of these brooches (one reminds me of warm sunshine and the other of a birds nest), I found myself dreaming of Spring during the creation of these two.

Gail Schmidt
Shabby Cottage Studio

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  • Gail, your vintage brooches are very eye appealing, and I love how you created new homes for them on these necklaces! Each necklace works so well with its brooch focal that it really looks like these pendants were created for their new necklaces! Thank you for sharing these lovely repurposing projects.

  • Sarah R says:

    Very nice! I have just started getting into up cycling vintage jewelry and I am
    obsessed haha. I love wondering about the history behind each vintage piece and giving them a new life.

  • gail says:

    Thank you so very much Rena and Sarah!

  • Diane Smith says:

    Gail, what beautiful creations! They are so lovely and feminine & I love the idea that you are repurposing vintage! Beautiful!

  • Colleen says:

    Very pretty creations Gail.

  • gail says:

    Thank you Diane and Colleen. you are so kind.

  • Judy Snow says:

    Gail when I seen your spring #2 , I thought I was looking at one that I have done, they are gorgeous.

  • gail says:

    Isn’t that funny Judy! Thank you for the compliment!

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