Questions on Purchasing for Wholesale Sales

by Amy.
(Jackson, Tennessee USA)

I am thinking of making the leap into selling my jewelry wholesale to boutiques.

Amy: Questions on Purchasing for Wholesale Sales 1

I have only been making jewelry for a little over a year and have great reviews from clients, from the boutiques I work with (but they are consignment & I don’t want to do that any longer), and I have been featured on Elle-France website.

I have started making my line sheets, getting a website (other than my etsy shop ready) and have my prices figured for the retail and wholesale markets. What are the best strategies to do this when it comes to purchasing supplies and making the items?

Amy: Questions on Purchasing for Wholesale Sales 2

I am relatively new and small so while I do have a lot of supplies on hand I also don’t want to spend a fortune on bulk materials before having a large sale and no guarantee that items will sell.

I have also purchased some pendants (like photos) that are featured in my designs and I’m worried if I have certain jewelry items listed on my line sheet and then go back to my supplier I may not be able to order more stock.

I have asked the supplier if these items are something they normally have in stock, but I have not heard back yet. Just looking for advice on what other jewelers do or have done when starting out selling wholesale.

Do you purchase bulk in hopes of a wholesale order or order your supplies when that big order comes in? (And it may be a combo) — just looking for ideas! Thanks!

Soma Lynn at Etsy

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