Get Publicity for Your Jewelry Business Without Spending a Dime

by Jan Hansen.
We all know that the persuasive message inherent in advertising is what drives consumer confidence and spending. We’re also aware that it can be the largest expense involved in selling a product or service.

Elegant barefoot sandals by Jan Hansen

Elegant barefoot sandals by Jan Hansen

The process of getting the word out to the general public or to your niche jewelry audience is only one piece of the advertising “pie”. Marketing and public relations are just as necessary in the overall plan of bringing buyers and sellers together.

There are several ways that you as the seller can effectively deliver the “call to action” without spending a dime.

This is where your imagination can turn words into orders.

barefoot sandal, soleless sandals,

Beach Bride barefoot sandals
by Jan Hansen


Get Written Up in Feature Articles

Feature articles can be a powerful tool for promoting your jewelry web site.

Look for writers who specialize in writing articles about your niche market. Become a sleuth by using the power of the Internet to find articles related to your product or service.

Then, don’t be afraid to e-mail or call the writer to ask if they would consider featuring your product or service in their next column or article.

Writers are always looking for good material.

Get Publicity from Your Suppliers

Another way to promote your online business is to contact your suppliers. (This applies most to businesses that sell a particular product, like jewelry.)

Often these suppliers are very interested in learning how and in what ways their products are being used.

Let’s say for instance that you have a home-based jewelry business and you handcraft beaded bracelets or barefoot sandals. Obviously you have to buy your beads, crystals, cord and packaging from someone.

Ask those suppliers if they write feature articles about how jewelry designers are utilizing their beads, crystals and cord.

This is a perfect opportunity to have your finished pieces and your “story” featured on the Internet.

childs bottomless sandals

“Me and My Shades” child’s barefoot sandals
by Jan Hansen


Promoting Your Jewelry Business
While Answering Writers’ Questions

Most writers who do feature articles have a pre-defined set of questions they will send you. These questions are based on what they feel readers want to know.

Here are some tips on how you can effectively answer their questions and promote your jewelry business at the same time:

  1. Be ready to tell your story. Keep it brief but to the point.Imagine you’re sitting right there in front of the writer as they ask the questions. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your passion for what you do. Make it interesting enough that it triggers an emotional response.When you’re able to share your story in a manner that leaves a visitor with a good idea of who you are, you’ve appealed to their senses.
  2. Show your prospective buyers why they need your product or service by using images that call on their senses; i.e.: a photo of a bride and groom sharing a romantic kiss at sunset as the last rays of the sun disappear on the horizon.
  3. Finally, search for sites that rate and review products and services.Often you’ll be asked to send them one of your products to inspect the quality, materials and craftmanship. By all means – send them a product – how else can they review and rate your product unless they have one in front of them?And if you can, send them your best-selling product – let them see WHY it’s doing so well.Often, site visitors will skip over a jewelry designer’s description all the way down to the customer reviews. They’d prefer to see what other people have to say about a product, rather than the designer who is naturally biased.

Unleash Your Imagination

In closing, be open and inviting to a variety of ways you can promote your retail or online jewelry business.

Money may be tight, but there’s no limit to our imagination and the ideas that it can create.

Author Jan Hansen of Jewels by Jan handcrafts beautiful crystal, pearl and glass-beaded
barefoot sandals, also known as foot jewelry, soleless sandals or bottomless sandals.

The duo of 2 sisters, Jan and Pat, have been selling their one-of-a-kind jewelry online since 2003. Several wedding and gift-related websites also offer their products through their very successful drop ship program.

The pair recently started their own blog – All About Barefoot Sandals. The sandals can be worn for any barefoot occasion – a beach wedding, honeymoon, with lingerie, on a cruise, at the pool or belly dancing.

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