Pretty Harbor Hand Crafted Jewels Made with Love

by Ingrid Anciaux.
(Sydney, Australia)

Marie-Antoinette collection // Black Onyx

The idea to create jewels came to me some years ago.

My project started 4 years ago when I still lived in Paris and I performed in Burlesque. Although short, this moment of my life gave me lots of desires and projects. I had more pleasure working on the costume’s creation than performing on stage. I wished to create unique pieces that are very gorgeous and exceptional.

Glorious Grapes collection // Goldstone

After leaving Paris to live in the Alps, I decided to take the time and find my next artistic project.

Blossom Flower collection // Yellow Agate

During 2 years, I prepared how to create my jewel brand, I found what materials I wanted to work. Finally, I chose semi-precious stones for my stone healing passion (lithotherapy). I took time to mature my project and to be able to have the touch Pretty Harbor. I had an important design work for my 3 collections available.

My installation in Australia and my pregnancy was a real opportunity in the creation of the Pretty Harbor brand because I was in a life changing moment. I left everything with my fiance and I wanted to take advantage of this change to take my chances and create my brand. I prepared myself financially for 6 months to invest in my project before my departure.

I arrived in Sydney last July, I started my company and I created my three collections. Then, I opened my online store at the end of 2011 and during this period, my son was born. And after two years of reflection and a year of work, I created Pretty Harbor.

Lookbook Blossom Flower collection

My 3 collections creation were researched to dedicate different pieces for several women styles. I think a woman isn’t just sophisticate or natural, because we’re more complex. We can be both. My desire was to create jewels for different women styles. You can wear the jewels the day or night and it’s the accessory which give the final touch of your clothes. And you can wear the jewels with different way so every women the young or not can wear my jewels and always with a lot of elegance.

Actually, I see 3 different ways: the stones benefits with the lithotherapy, the unique pieces and the collection variety. Some people love “the stones power” and I am sensible about that. With my jewels, I propose to have the benefit of them and the accessory beauty.

You don’t need to have a stone in your pocket, you can wear a beautiful jewel for the same result. Some people love to wear unique pieces, they are sure to be alone to wear it. And lot of people like the different style proposed. The good thing is I propose 3 collections very different each others and in a same collection, I propose different budget and lot of pieces to offer wonderful choices at my costumers. That’s important for me.

Ingrid Anciaux
Pretty Harbor


Making jewelry around the world
by: Rena

Hi Ingrid! What a fascinating travelogue your life has been!

Interesting that your time in Burlesque helped fuel your jewelry creativity – I know jewelry artists who started making jewelry because they couldn’t find the jewelry they wanted to wear for belly dance, exotic dance, and other types of dance performances.

I love the pieces you’ve posted here – and the fact that you offer different style collections with a variety of price ranges.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your jewelry journey with us – where do you think you will live next?

The place to be
by: Ingrid // Pretty Harbor

Hi Rena,

Thank you for your lovely comment, it’s very pleasant to read this words 🙂

You’d like to know where i’ll live after Sydney. I don’t know! Actually, i feel very well in this city and the quality of life is exceptional.
But i think: Never say Never!!! Maybe i’ll live in an other place in some years. I’m sure of sometimes, if i leave to Australia, i willn’t come back in France, i prefer to discover the rest of world with the 2 mans of my life!

Have a beautiful day.


by: willam shake

I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned. I wanted to thank you for this great article. I enjoyed every little bit part of it and I will be waiting for the new updates.

Unique NEW
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed reading about how you arrived at making the jewelry. Very interesting. I think you have a unique sense of style. I looked at the jewelry on your site and it found it to be imaginative and appealing. Best wishes!

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