Practically Free Custom Jewelry Packaging

by Virginia L Vivier.
(Sunny Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Esprit Mystique Inexpensive Recycled Jewelry Gift Box

I wanted to make a unique, strong, inexpensive box for packaging my jewelry. I like to recycle things, and wanted materials that normally would be tossed.

I buy lots of La Choy Rice Noodles. (Low in calories, yet nice and crunchy on salads!) These do not come in a tin can, but a cardboard container with a nice silver color inside. The label comes off easily and the inside of the can is easy to clean.

I measured the size of the label, including the overlap, and re-sized my Etsy banner graphic to fit the label using Photoshop. The design includes my logo so it makes the container more professional.

I don’t have a color printer and wanted to use recycled white copy paper to save cost. So, the design worked perfectly on regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper printed with a black laser printer. (Although you could use recycled gift wrap or wallpaper samples instead.)

You can get nice color combinations if you use colored paper with black ink design, but I didn’t want the extra expense of purchasing colored paper.

The only cost to me was the small amount of black ink from laser printer. a little bit of black spray paint that I used to spray the lid of the can, and a little bit of glue stick. The can was free and the label was printed on the back of 8.5 x 11 sheets of copy paper that already had something printed on the other side, that I would have thrown out anyway.

Rice Noodles Recycled Jewelry Gift Box

I did have to cut out the label from the printed sheets, but I used a paper cutter and cut several at a time. It took less than 30 seconds. I also spray painted several can lids at a time, so I had lots on hand. (If the original blue lid works with your design, then you can skip that step altogether!)

Then, I glued each label on the can by simply swiping the overlapped edge with a glue stick and wrapped it around the can. It looks great and is so easy! Once you have the labels printed it takes less than 2 minutes, start to finish.

Pendant in cellophane with gold pen branding.

I buy colored tissue paper and make a nest in the can for the jewelry. I use clear cellophane bags with black craft paper backing to contain each piece of jewelry. I write “Esprit Mystique” in fancy cursive using a gold paint pen, on the top of the black craft paper inside the cellophane bag. It looks very unique and classy.

I include my business card, the receipt, wrap the outside with craft paper, add the mailing label (which costs less than $2.00 to mail USPS First Class), and the package is ready to ship. Total cost per package, approximately $2.25, which includes mailing label within continental USA.

The customer receives a nice package that is fun to open with a lovely gift inside.

Pendant Bronze Turtle – Esprit Mystique

My cost to ship Etsy jewelry sales are minimal, yet strong, personalized and gorgeous! I always include FREE SHIPPING as an extra incentive for customers to buy my stuff : ).

Virginia L Vivier
Esprit Mystique at Etsy
Espirit Mystique

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