Portfolio of Jewelry

by Maria Jenny.
(United States)

question-mark-gold-on-greenI have been considering approaching a couple of unique boutiques prior to the holiday season to offer my jewelry.

I was wondering whether there was any advice on how to put together a portfolio of jewelry to show prospective shop owners?

Maria Jenny
The Gemmed Giraffe

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  • Olga says:

    I don’t know the answer to this, but this topic greatly interests me also! I hope you get a response 🙂

  • Linda Tenney says:

    Maria, if you haven’t already, you may want to start by grouping your pieces into “lines” and presenting them that way. For example, most of my creations have fallen into the categories of: Pearl Necklaces, Statement Necklaces, Natural Gemstone/Shell Necklaces, and Count Your Blessings bracelets.

    I created a 1-page “Product Line Sheet” in a Word document using tables to lay out each “line” with 5-6 1″x1″ thumbnail photos (clear and bright!) with brief descriptions below. Be sure to include your business logo and contact info! That can be your “leave-behind”.

    Then you could gather up 2-3 of your best samples of each line and put them in some carry-able display case. I’ve used those “roll-up jewelry holders on hangers” that you can find at Joann’s or B,B & B. They are compact and so easy to carry around and then you unroll it on the counter and take out your wares for them to handle and “ooh and ahh” over!

    Good luck this season!

  • Maria Jenny says:

    I took your advice Linda and prepared a portfolio of jewelry by category for one of my craft shows. It really helped to visually see all the pieces together. I will next do a by line portfolio. I’ve already created seven lines of jewelry which is how I displayed my pieces for the craft show. I also created a simple description of the jewelry line for the show as well. It helped tremendously to think of my jewelry in these terms. I can now approach a boutique for several ines of jewelry and see what they say.

  • Linda says:

    Wonderful, Maria, I’m glad it worked so well for you!

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