A Portable Booth You Can Make

by Rena Klingenberg.

A small, portable booth can be handy for setting up your jewelry for outdoor shows, trunk shows, as a kiosk, etc.

A small, portable outdoor jewelry booth - made from a kitchen cabinet!

For some of the jewelry-selling opportunities that come your way, you may need something smaller than the standard 10′ x 10′ tent space – and something that’s easy to transport and set up can be just the thing.

Here’s one you can make yourself, quite cheaply and easily

This neat little portable booth makes a simple, uncluttered mini-boutique.

It’s handy for setting up outdoors on a regular basis, and it’s quick to put up and take down.

It’s made from an unfinished kitchen cabinet base, available at most home improvement stores, or you can salvage one. (The above photo shows the back of the booth; the cabinet doors are on the other side.)

It contains lots of storage for your backstock of jewelry, your packaging supplies, personal items, etc. You could even install cabinet door handles that lock, for more security.

You could paint, stain, or decorate the cabinet base any color you like – and add an appropriately-sized table top for your display area.

The cabinet base sits on industrial-quality wheels so you can simply roll it to and from your building or vehicle, and there’s a hole in the center of its tabletop (and cabinet bottom) to accommodate a market umbrella for shade.

The side flaps on this portable booth are attached by hinges. They open up to give you more surface area for displays, packaging sales, or conducting transactions – and then fold down again after the show.

The jewelry displays are bolted to frames which are clamped to the edges of the tabletop, to make them stable even on a windy day. They could also be clamped to regular tables for use in a full-size jewelry booth.


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