Polymer Clay Owl Mimicking Dichroic Technique

by Helen White.
(Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom)

I think this is the first time I am sharing a design I made with you. Owls have become very popular over the years – thanks to Harry Potter and the fact that they are dead cute.

Polymer Clay Owl

Polymer Clay Owl

This year I taught myself a new polymer clay technique and changed and refined it – mainly to mimick dichroic jewellery. I made this pendant using artificial silver leaf and alcohol inks.

Someone asked if I could make owls, and as luck would have it I have an owl shaped cookie cutter in my vast collection. Every year when I am in Cologne, Germany at Christmas time I visit my favourite stall where I buy my cookie cutters from – mostly animal shapes.

24loI made seven owls and they are all different, I also used this technique with lots of other animal shapes. I hope you like my owl.

Helen White
Helenka White Design
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