Pipe Works – PVC Pipe Jewelry Display

by Cynthia Gilbert.
(Morrison, Tn, USA)

PVC pipe jewelry display

I was looking on internet for display ideas and saw a similar picture of the one like my display.

My husband was so excited to make it for me. I finally used it in my last show and actually got results. We still need to make adjustments to it.

I love doing shows and am still learning. I will keep you updated with my progress.

Thanks. I am open to any opinions regarding this display.

Cynthia Gilbert


PVC = Jewelry Display
by: Maryanne Murphy

Hi Cynthia-

Thanks for sharing your display idea. The PVC pipe is ingenious, and it’s nice to have an enthusiastic husband to put it together!

It’s wonderful to have an idea and act upon it. It gives you a baseline to work from. I have found that just like my jewelry, and everything else along with it, that this is certainly a journey, not a destination with one idea a jumping off point for another.

In color, too!
by: Marcy

What a great display! If you get bored with the white, you can get tan and black PVC pipe, and there is also spray paint made especially for plastic (one brand I remember is called Fusion). So you can make your display match the rest of your booth or table!

PVC Ideas
by: Pamela

I covered my pipe with black felt and gold ribbon. Turned out very nicely

PVC Displays
by: Mario

Wonderful idea! Inexpensive too. Am in Costa Rica where things are very expensive…but PVC isn’t…so THANK YOU. Sorry your picture was from so far away

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