Photo Idea

by Amy Volchok.
(New Jersey USA)

Jewelry Photo Idea, Autumn Leaf

One morning a few weeks ago, as I stumbled into my studio contemplating my day ahead, a beautiful red and green leaf was laying there waiting for me.

I knew instantly that my husband left it there for me, because this particular one was gorgeous and as a message to me that the summer would be over soon and fall is close behind. He knows only too well that I am not a fan of summer.

Anyway, the first thing that I needed to do that day was to photograph a new pair of earrings that I had made the day before.

It’s always challenging to come up with a new set-up for a photograph, but that day, that leaf was just what I needed. Sometimes what you need is right in front of you, you just
have to recognize it.

I poked the earrings through the leaf and took these photos. Perfect!

silver square earrings

My Old Leaf, My New Earrings

Amy Volchok
Aquabeet – Jewelry that Speaks to You


by: Anna-Laura

Autumn is my favorite season with summers in hot, humid Kentucky being my least favorite. I have often added autumn leaves to photos just because I like them! Your earrings really stand out in contrast to the fall colors. Beautiful!

by: Rachel

Wow! You have a really great husband and your photo came out fabulous!

Thanks for sharing!


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