Pastels in Pearls

by Consuelo Alburg.
(United States)

I love pearls, warm weather, trees, and plants, not necessarily in that order.

Pastel in Pearls

Pastel in Pearls

In the spring is when all the jewelry I or my daughter create come out of our jewelry box. When I saw these components of matte silver spirals, I knew before I paid for them how I was going to use them in my next piece.

I knew long ago I loved jewelry but little did I know that I loved making jewelry was my passion.I suffer from a little arthritis in my arms so I am making as many pieces as I desire before I might not be able to make any or very few due to the pain.

Spring is the best time of the year to renew your designs, maybe renew some pieces or introduce new and bright colors and green components or gems to your pieces.

Consuelo Alburg
Awakachee Designs on Etsy

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  • This such a charming and attractive Spring jewelry set, Consuelo! I love the silver coils! These pieces just feel so light and joyful.

  • Jude Garrett says:

    Hi Consuelo,
    Just love this set of jewelry and would love to do this myself! I love very unique looking jewelry and this is great!

  • Sue Shade says:

    Consuelo, this is a pretty design. I love the soft pastel colors with the modern twist in your spirals. I looked in your shop and you have some lovely jewelry. All the best and happy designing.

  • Hi,
    Beautiful pieces! Have you tried making yourself any jewelry with copper and/or magnets for your arthritis? It seems to help some people. Just a thought. 🙂

  • Barbara Smith says:


  • Karen Escalera says:

    Beautifully handcrafted! Just a gentle aside note from the photographic end of the posting, I find that darker backgrounds with light colored pieces make the item stand out more and one is able to see the whole impact of your creation. 🙂

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