Past Meets Present with Vintage Button Jewelry

by Terrie Marcoe.
(New Paltz, NY and Joshua Tree, CA)

I have make ponytail holders from antique sewing buttons since about 1998, and it was only a few years ago that I thought about using the buttons for jewelry.

Czech Glass Vintage Button Focal Point

Czech Glass Vintage Button Focal Point

Interestingly, my first pair, just a simple wire-wrap to drop from ear wire, was what led me to beadworking!

I was disappointed in the plainess of the design, and realized that adding a few beads would dress it up. Off I went to the local bead store and – the beading hook was set!

Vintage Beads in Complimenting Colors

Vintage Beads in Complimenting Colors

Since then I have used my vintage/antique buttons a bit in jewelry, but more often use contemporary components. This piece, however, is constructed of vintage buttons and beads(modern clasp/crimp beads and wire).

I was quite pleased with the finished pieces, and hope that it eventually finds a good home.

Since then I have made a few similar style necklaces, of different buttons and color themes, and recently decided that I may begin using contemporary Czech buttons as well (which will allow me to create multiple pieces of the same, rather than the one-of-a-kind that vintage button pieces often tend to be).

Terrie Marcoe
Talisman Too at Etsy

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  • I like how the button is attached to the bead strand – and that the beads repeat the little flower shapes. This is such a pretty way to enjoy a vintage button, Terrie!

  • Sheila Meador says:

    Vintage buttons…what a treasure! From ponytail holders to necklaces, you have found a new way to design beautiful pieces to wear. Great idea! I love buttons.

  • Sue Shade says:

    What a great idea and what a pretty button

  • Carla Fuller says:

    How and where do you find vintage and costume jewelry and buttons that don’t cost so much? I want to try and make something but I just don’t know how to get some much of it at one time.
    Thank you

  • Nancy Vaughan says:

    A very happy piece of jewelry. It is like instant sunshine.

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