Out of My Gourd!

by Heather Otto.
(Austin, Texas US)

Caught In Jasper

Since I am new to the wonderful world of selling the jewelry I make, I am low on “professional” supplies such as necklace displays that look like necks!

I tried the “draping over a rock” idea for awhile, and had some really great photos of some of my work, but I wanted something that more closely resembled a neck to demonstrate how well my necklaces hung.

Autumn Winds

Standing on my patio, looking around, my eye rested on an old gourd leftover from last October, nicely weathered and rustic-perfect for what I needed!

I have received many compliments on the idea, (and one funny “you must have great marketing skills if you can sell a necklace to a gourd!) so I thought I’d share this with you.

Heather Otto
Mama’s Craft Room
Mama’s Craft Room at Etsy

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