Olde Meets New

by Elizabeth Reid.
(United States)

I used 20 gauge copper 1.5 inches wide. I applied a peanut oil patina and then riveted an antique escutcheon.

Olde Meets New

Olde Meets New

These escutcheons were from my grandfather Max Rosinski who was a cabinet-maker in the DC area between 1898 and 1940.

My second hobby/passion is genealogy and while going through a box of things after my mother’s death I found a letter with the heading Tudor House.

In this letter from Armistead Peter III, a direct descendant of the Washington family, he wrote that he considered my grandfather the finest cabinet-maker in the area and the only one he would trust to repair the chest-on-chest of “General Washington.”

Elizabeth Reid
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  • What an innovative way to carry on your grandfather’s tradition of high quality, handmade artistry – while also using some of the items from his “stash”. The escutcheon is gorgeous on this bracelet. Thanks so much for sharing this interesting piece of family history with us, Elizabeth!

  • Lisa says:

    Absolutely beautiful, great job on the bracelet. I love the history behind it!

  • Gretchen says:

    What is a peanut oil patina? And I LOVE the bracelet!

  • Lynn says:

    So interesting and unusual what you’ve done. Love spelling old with an “e”. Was thinking wearing this piece would be like having your “family” accompany you..your history/ ancestry. Cool story.

  • >