Off the Cuff

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California USA)

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I’ve been making wire cuff bracelets for quite some time. Most of them have had a more conventional appearance.

Then one day I decided it was time to try something a little different.

The frame started out as an experiment in twisting and looping 12 gauge wire. After I finished the frame I had no idea what to do with it.

So I put it on the back of my work table and decided I would just watch it until inspiration struck.

Three or four weeks later when I was between projects I decided to see what I could create with this unusual cuff frame.

I gathered up the orphan beads, added a few extras in different sizes and began stringing them. After I finished I put it back on the work table and took a good look.

Well, it sure was different. So I tried it on and found it to be very comfortable even if it did look a bit strange.

Now it is my “Go To” bracelet when I leave the house and I must admit it does get a lot of comments.

Nancy Vaughan


Twists and turns
by: Rena

Neat to hear how this piece slowly evolved as it sat on your worktable!

I really like the intricately curvy wire frame of the bracelet – it looks like one of those pieces where the wire totally knew what it wanted to do and the design fell into place.

Great punch of color from the beads – I can see why it gets so many compliments!

Nancy is a very talented artist
by: Dora

Hi Nancy great to see your cuff in here.. Your one of many !!
Congradulations…hugs, Dora 🙂

by: Sandy

Your work is so beautiful…
Many Sales to you.

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