Not Sure Where to Go from Here

by Cheryl Carlson.

necklace - labradorite and onyx

Moonlight necklace – labradorite and onyx

Coral earrings

Coral earrings

Hi, Never done this type of thing before so please bear with me.

I am starting my own business online and getting very nervous reading some of the stories here and elsewhere about people who can’t get their business to take off.

Autumn leaves bracelet

Autumn leaves bracelet

Bought Rena’s book on selling online and anxious to read that. I am not computer savvy at all.

I thought I had researched this fairly well but now I’m beginning to wonder.

I will include my website address so maybe someone can give me some realistic advice? Any would be welcome.


Mother Earth necklace - magnesite, turquoise, and mother of pearl necklace

Mother Earth necklace – magnesite, turquoise, and mother of pearl

Cheryl Carlson
Designs by Cheryl Carlson


Getting your jewelry business started
by: Rena

Hi Cheryl!

First, I have to say WOW about your photos – they are gorgeous, and so is your jewelry. Most people don’t have such professional-looking jewelry photos when they’re just beginning their business. So you’re already starting out with one huge step in the right direction – especially if you want to sell your work online.

I think you’ve done a really good job with your website too. The look and colors of your site are a nice fit with your jewelry, and everything on your site is well laid out and easy to find.

I love that you’ve used a very readable size of font throughout your site. It’s a very welcome contrast to the many blogs and websites using microscopic fonts that few people (especially those of us who are over 40 or so!) will take the time to squint and struggle through reading.

And I also have to give you extra points for taking care with your spelling and proofreading – not everyone notices such things, but they can make a difference to those customers who do.

I like your pages on Folklore, Jewelry Care, and Birthstones – all stuff customers enjoy reading, and you’ve made these pages very readable and attractive.

And great job on your Policies page.

Your Wholesale page is nicely done – it’s welcoming without going into too much detail that you can work out with the shops when they contact you. A great opening to let shops know you’d welcome their contact.

I think your About Me page is also very well done. It gives customers a good sense of your experience and passion for what you create, along with the interesting peek into your life when you mentioned Mt. St. Helens and your animal friends.

And I love that you showed your jewelry-making table, plus the text you put next to it, “Here is where your jewelry is meticulously handcrafted….” A great way to connect your customers with the handmade-ness of your jewelry, and a super touch!

The only thing about your website that I might change (if it’s possible in your website setup) would be to make your jewelry thumbnail photos larger on your main product pages. They may be a bit small for some folks to tell whether they like the jewelry enough to click once, and then again, to get a nice big enlargement to look at.

The easier it is to see what the jewelry looks like the first time a person sees it, the more likely he/she is to be interested in it. Especially in your case when you have such fantastic, professional looking photos.

Overall, I’d say your online presence is pretty impressive, Cheryl!

To be completely honest, if you hadn’t said you were just starting out, I would never have guessed. Based on your high quality photos, nice jewelry designs, and professional looking website, I would have assumed you were an established pro.

So now it’s time to focus your efforts on connecting with the people who will fall in love with your jewelry, and building up their visits to your website!

Love your work
by: Karen

Just wanted to say your jewelry is beautiful…and your images knock me out! I think where to go from here is to go out and get people to your website. I’m sure your jewelry sells itself. I do agree about first impression of your website photos needing to be bigger images. The small thumbnails you have now don”t really give people any idea of how nice your jewelry is and of your beautiful photos. I’d hate for people to click the back button and leave your site because they didn’t realize how pretty your jewelry and images are because they couldn’t see them well enough.

nice start, you have a really nice start
by: pat barden

you’ve a nice start with your amazing jewelry and your perfectly set-up beautiful .com site–the look withe colors–gorgeous. iget most my ideas and advice right here, on all rena’s sites.

Thank you, Pat!
by: Rena

Thank you for the nice compliment, Pat! I really appreciate all the great info and comments you and everyone else share here – that’s what makes these websites such helpful resources! :o)

by: Cheryl

I want to thank all of you for the nice things you said about my jewelry.
I talked to my website developer and he said that if I make the pictures bigger it would make it slower and I could lose customers that way too, so I guess I just have to decide which is the lesser of of two evils!!
For someone who is computer challenged this has been a real experience. I am trying to learn about links and how to get seen (I don’t even know what tags are)who says I don’t have a full time job?? I have to wonder if I will ever get back to making jewelry again.
Anyway thanks again and I hope you are all having as much fun with this as I am.


BIG photos
by: BeaJae

I don’t know if the others did this, but if you click on the first picture of, say a necklace, it takes you to that particular necklace’s page and if you click on the photo on that page it gives you a large picture where it is easy to see the entire product!

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