Niche Marketing

by Desiree Leo-Wilson.
(Crescent, Oregon USA)

Fishing Lure Earrings

Fishing Lure Earrings

In the JMJ Newsletter, Rena talked about creating jewelry that “feeds people’s obsessions.”

That article struck home because I just finished, at my husband’s suggestion, making jewelry out of fishing lures.

Friends own an RV park on the Siletz River in Oregon that caters to fishermen/women. I made these earrings to sell in their store.

I started with lures such as hammered brass spoons, corkies, and spinners; then added pearls, sterling silver and other quality materials to add to the appeal and make the earrings look classy…like earrings women would like to wear.

I think they turned out really cute.

I won’t know for awhile if others think the same thing since I just started displaying them, but I hope it feeds a fishing obsession.

I have an Etsy website,, but have not listed any of my fishing lure earrings on the site.

Should I focus on getting them in stores specific to fishing, or trying listing them on Etsy too?

Desiree Leo-Wilson
Made by Des etsy shop


Ideas for your fishing lure earrings
by: Rena

What a clever niche jewelry idea, Desiree!

And you’re right, it’s a perfect example of jewelry that feeds people’s obsessions. Ladies who love fishing will very likely think these are wonderful and lovely.

Before I respond to your question, I want to share some thoughts and inspirations that came to me as I read your story – ideas for your packaging, and for ways to get your earrings in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in buying them:

1) Using a niche-oriented tagline –

Sometimes a clever, niche-oriented phrase or tagline written on the packaging can clinch the sale.

I can’t quite read your earring cards in the photo above, but (if you haven’t already done so), you may want to add a catchy, fishing-related phrase, name, or tagline to your earring cards.

Here are a few examples, just off the top of my head:

“for the woman who’s quite a catch”

“fashion tackle”

“fishing for compliments”

“catch of the day”

“fashionable fisherwoman”

“splashin’ fashion”

“fishy fashions”

“make a splash”

” ‘reel’ women wear earrings”

“earrings to fall for – hook, line, and sinker”

“a-‘lure’-ing ear fashions”

“hooked on earrings”


2) Ideas for more places to sell your fishing lure earrings –

Hunting / fishing supply stores

Bait and tackle shops

Fishing boat stores / repair shops

Camping supply stores

Shops on fishing piers / marinas

Fishing boat / canoe rental businesses

Lake cabin rental offices

State park / national park gift shops (especially at parks with fishing lakes)

Gun-and-knife shows

Other RV park shops like the one your friends own.

Gift shops in relevant museums.

3) Ideas for marketing your fishing lure earrings –

Participate in online social networking on fishing / outdoorsy communities.

Send a press release about your earrings to outdoorsy / fishing-oriented blogs, websites, magazines, TV shows.

Make a few videos about them to post on You-Tube, etc. – and let fishing-oriented websites and blogs know about them.

Write interesting fishing-oriented articles and submit them to fishing websites, blogs, and magazines – with a blurb and link for your earrings at the end. (Article examples – “10 Romantic Fishing Trips”, “Best Lime-Stuffed Trout Recipe” – or whatever.)

Now to respond to your question –

Should you focus on getting your fishing lure earrings in stores specific to fishing, or trying listing them on Etsy too?

I think that really depends on where and how you want to sell them.

For selling to stores, you’ve got a great idea for selling them via your friends’ RV park shop. I also suggested a few other possible shop ideas above.

And regardless of whether you plan to sell your fishing lure earrings online, I think you should strongly consider having some sort of online presence for them.

These days it’s almost a necessity to have a place on the Web where you can send interested people for more information and possibly purchasing your products.

It’s important to have a relevant website URL to post at the end of all your written marketing materials, your email signature, on your earring cards, business cards, etc.

Should that website URL be your existing Etsy shop?

Or should it be a separate page / Etsy shop / website that’s totally devoted to just your fishing-oriented jewelry?

I think that depends on whether you want your fishing lure earrings to be a major emphasis of your jewelry business, or just a small sideline of it.

I hope this helps, Desiree! I’m looking forward to hearing how you progress with this nifty jewelry niche idea!

by: Desiree

Rena – It is easy to see why you’re so successful if these are ideas you thought of off the top of your head! I will definitely have separate business cards made to compliment the fishing theme and use a tag line…I love that idea.

When I make more fishing earrings in the next week, I will post something on my Etsy website. I know I need to be involved on the web to be successful there, but that is definitely a weakness for me.

Unless the fishing theme is a huge hit, I don’t plan to make it a major focus of my jewelry making, but I will market them to a least a 3 or 4 more retailers for greater exposure.

Thank you very much for the excellent advice. I so appreciate the time you take to encourage not only me, but so many others. THANKS

Fish’n for Fashion
by: Rita Juhlin

I got such a kick out of your earrings. I’m from fish’n country, Minnesota. I don’t know where you are from, but if I were you I’d make up as many displays as you can handle and go on a road trip.

Resort owners are over worked and I’d be surprised if they would want to deal with consignment. Sell the whole display; go on a weekend road trip and put your fish’n hat on with a big smile and I’ll bet you would be amazed at how many displays you could sell. Make sure if they buy, you give a free pair to who ever is going to sell them and make sure they have all your contact info when they sell out, they will want more!

You could make the display so that it’s study and stands out; easy to handle. Put a little pitch together about how much the store owner can make if they sell all the earrings. Your idea is great and fun; I never met a fisher person that didn’t have a sense of humor.

Rena’s idea about a catchy phrase is a great idea, I vote for fish’n for fashion!

One word of caution, do one thing really well and then grow from there, believe me it is easy to get overwhelmed if you are spread too thin.

Good Luck!!

Website for Fisherwomen
by: Marianna

Hi, Here is a website you may want to try to sell your fishing lure jewelry through.

Very Cute!
by: Katie

This is a great idea – how funny, too, because my husband is always telling me that my earrings would make great fishing lures!! I never thought to reverse the idea!

You could try a few of these on your etsy site, or start a separate site to see how they do. Some people think you should have a separate site for everything that’s different, and others say put it all on the same site.

Personally I have two sites because it makes sense to me to have one that is related to my glass and kiln work (fireblessedart) and one that’s related to my textiles (magicaldesign).

If everything in your shop is jewelry, then simply add a section for your “al-luring” earrings.

Thank you
by: Desiree

I appreciate the feedback. As a new artist, it is difficult to focus on one thing because it is all so interesting and I don’t know yet what will be popular or what I will enjoy making the most. I want to try it all.

But, I can definitely see where I need to maybe stop making jewelry for a bit a just concentrate on marketing. It’s not nearly as enjoyable for me, but I also need to make some money so I can continue to feed MY jewelry obsession.

It’s good to hear that the fishing lure jewelry has potential.

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