New Opportunities for Selling Handmade Jewelry

by Maria Hansford.

Finding New Opportunities to Sell Your Handmad Jewelry by Maria Hansford  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Always keep your eyes open to new opportunities. Always take with you your business cards!

I made a point of always having a bunch of my business cards with me, wherever I go.

This year for Valentine’s Day I went for a dinner and a musical show with my husband.

During the break I noticed that the Centre hosting the event had a showcase with different styles of jewelry and there were many people looking and buying them.

The jewelry were handcrafted pieces from local artists who where getting a lot of publicity displaying at that venue.

Pearl Dream Necklace by Maria Hansford

Pearl Dream Necklace by Maria Hansford

I approached the person in charge of the Centre Showcase and introduced myself. I gave her my business card and we set a date for an appointment to show her my creations.

I was delighted when she told me she liked my work and offered me to display and sell my jewelry at that prestigious place.

Maria Hansford
The Treasure Chest


Woo hoo!
by: Rena

What a great way to take advantage of a promising opportunity.

Kudos to you for being prepared to seize the day – and getting your work accepted into a prestigious new venue!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I hope your jewelry does really well there!

by: Joan Williams

It’s true you never know when an opportunity will present itself! I picked up two potential customers when I went to the dentist yesterday while “test driving”one of my new necklace designs – when some of the dental staff commented on it I made sure to give out some of my new business cards that feature various photos of my designs. I always try to wear at least one piece of my own jewelry every day and also be sure I have cards in my purse so they’re handy to give out – just in case!

New Opportunities
by: Anonymous

That’s fantastic! In the right place at the right time!

I must remind myself to get some cards into my bag when I plan on going out.

I too like to wear samples of my creations sometimes also. Sunday I got an order from wearing such a piece. Was I ever so excited because she was much younger than me and I’d desiged a piece that a someone from the younger generation adored! Best wishes to all.

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  • Joyce says:

    I sold several pair of earrings and some pendants to my son’s doctor. I use this as a reason to keep some of my favorite pieces instead of selling them!

  • Carol Burton says:

    I was at the dentist’s office showing my Christmas earrings. My hygienist said, “If you make some teeth earrings, I’ll buy them from you.” Well, I went home and designed four different styles of teeth earrings. When I saw her, I showed them to her. She bought a pair, and another person in the office bought a pair. But, it gets better. I put the teeth earrings on Etsy, thinking someone in the dental field would be interested. Since they have been listed on Etsy, I have sold about 10 pair. One woman bought six pair. She was using them as part of her party favors. I seized the opportunity and benefited from it.

  • Awesome, Carol! Fantastic example of finding a need for a niche jewelry item – then creating and selling it. I peeked in your Etsy shop to see your teeth jewelry – very cute! 🙂

  • Phyllis C says:

    I too, took a look, what lovely earrings, and very nice shop too! When I go to an event, I always wear something specific to the event, and sell several necklaces and earring sets at someone else’s event 🙂
    I used to only have the one I was wearing, but find if I have several in my bag, I sell them! If not, I just bring them back home with me; ALWAYS carry my “square” too, so they can charge it!
    I always wear something I have made, and usually, usually sell it within a time or two of wearing it; OR, someone will ask me if I can make something like it in ?? color, or longer or shorter, or…….
    It’s SUCH Fun!!! Always always have business cards on me, and some in my car, and several (in plastic baggies) in my various purses, so I don’t have to hunt for them; or “remember” to refill my billfold/purse.

  • Fantastic strategies, Phyllis! I agree, the best time to sell jewelry is when the person is very interested and ready to make an impulse buy. I love hearing all the ways you’re making it so easy for people to see and buy your work! 🙂

  • Carol Burton says:

    My hair stylist ordered two wire wrapped rings from me. I went in yesterday to get her size. I took my whole tray of rings with me, plus the ring sizer. The customer she was with liked my rings. She ordered one for herself. Other people looked at them also. I didn’t expect it, but sure appreciated it.

  • Carol, that’s awesome! I love it when sales happen like that – and onlookers are interested too. Way to go, and great idea to take the whole tray of rings plus the ring sizer. 🙂

  • I always wear at least one piece of my jewelry and encourage my friends who make jewelry to do the same. The unusual thing that happened to me was that on a trip this year to a very small island on the north end of the British Isles, Orkney, Our tour guide admired the necklace I had on. She loved it so much that asked if she could post a picture of it on the tour website. She said they never do this, she just loved it so much. She did and it brought people to my website. Just proves you never know, and it is important to wear your work.

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