New Jewelry Business: Sell, Buy, Make, Repeat ….

by David.
(Durham, NC)

New Jewelry Business:  Sell, Buy, Make, Repeat - Jewelry Making Journal

I recently retired and began jewelry making a few months ago.

I understand that I will need seed money to buy tools and materials, so that’s done. My immediate goal is to get to the point of reinvesting all sales back into buying more materials, and keep this cycle going.

Hopefully I can buy cheap and sell high, eventually making a profit.

For now I’m learning the trade and building inventory. I make a few pieces a day. Currently I have made about 200 pair of earrings, a couple dozen necklaces, and other items.

I work with both new and re-purposed stock.

I already have business cards. They double as display cards. This spring I’ll venture out to a flea market. I don’t want this to become “work”, but a modest income boost would be nice.

Sorry, no pictures yet… can’t afford a decent digital camera yet.

What’s the best next step or two?

(By the way, my dog Sherman Duke is the company CEO. It’s really his business. 😉 )

Sherman Duke Jewelry

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