New Jewelry Business Card

by Ijeoma A.
(San Diego)

Ejay Designs jewelry business card

I tried to make it very simple and uncluttered. I used a scanned photo and uploaded it to Vistprint.

Ijeoma Akosionu
Ejay Designs


Elegant and professional
by: Rena

I love your beautiful, uncluttered business card with your jewelry as the focus.

It’s an excellent promotional piece for your business!

I also love how the turquoise-colored font at the top of your card mirrors the color of the tiny bead on your bracelet.

Thank you for sharing your artistic jewelry business card with us, Ijeoma!

Beautifully simple
by: Urban Woodswalker

I love it. Its so easy to read, and shows excatly what you do . It also doesn’t have a ton of links and info (as mine does currently ).

So many cards collected at a show….bring them home, and its difficult to remeber/ associate the product sold with the card. Yours is PERFECT.

Great Card ! however…don’t cheapen it with Vista Print !
by: Anonymous

With this quality of a card and the jewelry you design….don’t then cheapen the image you’ve created by using VistaPrint or any other free service…also spend a little extra to use the back of your card as well…referral message, etc

Very Elegant!
by: Anonymous


by: Monica Muil

I think that your card is perfect. I love the simplicity of the card as well as the quality of your jewelry shown.

Regarding a free software application… Go for it! During these challenging times, I support any cost effective methods used as long as they don’t diminish the quality of your product.

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