A Brand New Business Name

by Elena A.

I make jewelry since 1999 and I really love it, for now it’s just a hobby but who knows maybe someday…

I sell my creations at a couple of fairs in my area but my main revenues are purchases, custom orders and fixings from people I know.

I had a business card with my name, contacts and services I offer but so far was quite useless, I live in a small town and if my customers need me they stop me almost everywhere, from market to church asking me when they can come to my house for fixings & Co. or just to check out my new creations.

I’ve noticed that this year sales are slow (the economic situation isn’t good and people tend to save money, that’s understandable) so I signed up for some new fair hoping to expand my business, and I’m planning to open an online shop, aware that new customers ask for more professional business cards and a brand new name.

But there’s the rub!!! I never imagined how hard it is to find a new nice name! I was looking for something nice but not too strange. I’m Italian so I needed an Italian name. I don’t want something that my senior customers won’t even understand.

My first name is very common, I tried a million combinations but they were always already used ans so were all the names that popped into my head, so frustrating, than all of a sudden I found something I like!

I want to call my business “Machepazienza Bijoux” (the right writing is actually ma-che-pazienza but I find an “all together” name nicer) meaning “what a patience”, I know that your first reaction will be “what sort of a name is it??” but for me it makes sense.

The average start conversation at my booth is something like this:

– Me greeting the customer and customer browsing arond while I wait for the prophetic question….

– you have really nice stuff, did you made all this?

– yes everything is hand made by me

– oooh, what a patience!

I’ve been told this phrase countless times so I decided to use it as a name, I would like to know what do you think about it and if you find it too weird… please let me know what do you think about my idea,

Thanks, Elena

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