Need Your Honest Opinion – Elegant Chic’s Bridal Boutique

by Steph.

I’m just looking to get a bit of feed back on these. I have a new design for my website so I needed to change the look of my business cards.

I’m not to sure if I even like them yet so please be honest. Please let me know what you like / don’t like.


Elegant Chic


Business cards
by: Kathleen Davis

Hi, well, the colors are nice but I think the writing is too soft. Its hard to read. I would make the text a little darker, maybe a dark blue but not too dramatic. I just had to squint to read some of it. I do like the bracelet in the background.

your card
by: Kathleen

I also forgot to say in my last post, Where is your phone number? That always helps with legitimate businesses, is to have a phone number on your card.

Kathleen Davis

check your spelling
by: Manuela

I like the card and clicked on your site. You spelled the word piece wrong (peice). Sorry, but that is a pet peeve of mine. The type is a little hard to read unless you are on the web-site.

Nice soft feeling, elegant!

just my opinion
by: Lynne Cirillo

It was really hard for me to read, I couldn’t tell that was a bracelet until I read that it was & had to look again, colors are too soft, maybe just a bit brighter- but still – the design is really pretty.

by: Steph

Thanks, That’s what I thought to. Along with being to busy. I tried to put the picture of the bracelet where I have the picture of the dress so it’s nothing but text but it just doesnt look as nice. I’ll play around with it and see what I can come up with. It’s nice to have an honest opinion for a change.
Thanks for the spelling, I try to catch all those but sometimes they slip. I’ll be sure to change that.

Elegant Chic’s Bridal Boutique card
by: Rena

I like the dreamy-ness of this card – but as other people mentioned, it’s too hard to read. It makes me feel like I need to rub my eyes so I can see it more clearly! 🙂

But I think this draft of your business card has given you a good start for coming up with a great “next version” of it!

by: Lynn

I love the soft colors you used, it looks very elegant, but the printing does need to be a little darker but not too dark so that it doesn’t take away from the background. Very classy.

You’re on the right track …
by: Donna

Nice, elegant feel … good start! As a graphic designer my first thought was, why the left block? Can’t really tell what is pictured. My suggestion is to delete the left block and only use the bracelet pic in the background. This will allow you enough space to increase readability (afterall, that’s the card’s purpose).

Now center your text. Enlarge the “Bridal Boutique” font (it’s actually more important than your shop name because it informs the public of your product).

Make sure you have your name, number, internet info. This builds trust letting the customer know you take pride in your product. Make sure all this info is designed in a simple font.

Hope that helps … good luck!


It’s hard to tell
by: Anonymous

The card is very hard to read, softness is nice but then someone can’t read the info on it the card becomes a worthless piece of paper.

Are you certain you want your business to have the name “Elegant Chic’s”? That apostrophe denotes a contraction…you might want to research your grammar rules. Also, the word Boutique is so overused it has become worthless. I’d really spend some time rethinking the naming and branding of your business.

by: Bobbie

I agree with Donna. The photo in the left block implies that you sell wedding dresses, which your text doesn’t indicate. I’m eliminate the left block and expand the information in the rest of the card (in a darker text color) to be a little larger and easier to read.

Good graphic design resource
by: Anonymous

If you’re doing your own graphic design (and even if you’re hiring someone to do it for you) check out “The Non-Designer’s Design and Type Book” by Robin Williams (no, not that Robin Williams). It will easily (and more completely than I could in a brief comment here) explain how you can improve at least a half dozen details on what promises to be a nice business card after you clear it up a bit.

Double Sided?
by: Rebecca

Have you thought about having them made double sided?

Maybe with the soft picture of your bracelet and your business name on one side and your contact details on the back? This lets you play more with your contact details and any message you want on your card while not cluttering up the front.

Please stay on topic
by: Sylvie

@”It’s Hard to Tell” Anonymous.

I feel your comments about her business name were a bit harsh. After all, the post was for critique on the business card design, not on her business name. Your comments were not helpful, just critical. Just sayin’.
by: Anonymous

I think if there is a major grammatical or spelling error on a business card that we are ASKED to critique then we owe it to the person asking to point it out.

If you asked for a critique of your printed materials and people let a spelling error slide by how would you feel? A bit let down, I would imagine.

Thanks for all the help
by: Steph

Thanks for you advice but I know that about my name and to be honest with you thats exactly what I like about it. As for Boutique, I do more than just jewelry so I consider my self a boutique.
I asked about the design and have got alot of really good info to make it better so thanks girls for that.

You’re welcome…
by: Anonymous

… but we’re not all girls here. ;=)>

Am I missing something?
by: Sylvie

I see no grammatical error. The apostrophe denotes possession, same as if I wrote Sylvie’s Bridal Boutique.

Apostrophe thoughts
by: Rena

Like Sylvie, I also see “Elegant Chic’s” as possessive, not as a contraction.

In other words, to me “Chic’s” means that the bridal boutique belongs to Elegant Chic. If that’s the case, it’s better to keep the apostrophe than to remove it. 🙂

My Favorite Colors
by: Bernadette LaSorsa

I myself love the colors you used on your card. They are my favorite colors! And I also love the color of the printing, slate. When I made my cards I tried toning down the color of the cards (Aqua) so the printing would show up better. I love the dreamy-ness of it as well. I did try a few different color combo’s to see what would work best. I do think you need your phone number on your card especially if they are out and about they might want to call you asap. I love your cards.

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