Need Suggestions: Jewelry for the Blind

by Sheila Meador.
(Atlanta, Georgia USA)

I have reconnected with a blind friend from my childhood, and we are going on a beach adventure to Tybee Island in June.
question-marks-004 I want to plan interesting, interactive things we can do together to fill the time. I don’t want either of us to get sunburned from staying at the beach too long.

I am thinking of shell crafts as well as making beach-theme jewelry with her. I know from our childhood that textures, shapes and varied sizes are things she can appreciate. Color means nothing to a blind person who has never even seen light.

Does anyone have suggestions for jewelry or bead crafts? I want her to have something special we made together to take home. Blessings to all of you!

Note: As young children, we did not know that I was going to be deaf. I found out I was losing my hearing at age 12. By age 47, I was dependent on sign language. Now (age 65), I have 2 cochlear implants and can hear my blind friend sing!

Sheila Meador
Che Che’s at Storenvy

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