Need Ideas – a Ring for Painful Finger that Swells?

by Robyn.
(Ottawa, Ontario)

How to design a ring for fingers that swell? - Jewelry Making JournalA friend of mine has severe fibromyalgia and swelling in her fingers and has had to have her rings (including her wedding ring!) cut off as a result.

She feels lost without a ring on her finger and has asked me to make something adjustable for her that she could wear regardless of how much swelling she’s experiencing.

I see that there are a lot of adjustable ring tutorials on this site, and I know that’s a great place to start.

My question is this – how do I make a ring that:

  1. can be worn regardless of how much swelling she’s experiencing;
  2. is sturdy enough for everyday wear; and
  3. would be gentle enough on her fingers to avoid aggravating any pain she’s experiencing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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