Need Help Attaching Chain to Cuff Bracelets

by Laurie.
(Chicago USA)

I’m hoping someone can help as I’ve been having this issue for more than one year and I can’t find answers.

I make cuff bracelets where I attach various chains to store bought metal cuffs. I have tried every glue out there including E-6000, jeweler’s epoxy, etc.

Laurie: Need Help Attaching Chain to Cuff Bracelets

I don’t think there is a glue I haven’t tried. I have tried sanding the surfaces, I attempted soldering, but given what we’re working with not only is it not feasible, sometimes some of our materials aren’t the right kind of metal for solder to stick to.

What has happened is that once we’ve glued our chains down, because a cuff bracelet must be flexible to bend to fit each person’s wrist, once any of our glues have dried, wear and tear over time causes the chains and other embellishments to pop off the bracelet.

Please help if anyone knows of any other solutions as I want to sell these, but can’t until I know they will stay on!

Marilee Yours

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