Ideas for Necklace Displays

by Rena Klingenberg.

Necklace displays make a nice grouping with matching earrings.

Necklace displays make a nice grouping with matching earrings.

The way you display necklaces can be as trendy and unusual, or as elegant and classical, as the jewelry itself.

If you’re deciding what kind of necklace displays you want, take some time to consider the rest of your jewelry display, and the style, length, and number of items you want to show.

Jewelry hanging from an interesting tree branchcan make for lovely shopping.

Jewelry hanging from an interesting tree branch can make for lovely shopping.

Important Features for
Necklace Displays

  • Visibility of the necklaces on display
  • Security of the necklaces on the display
  • Portability of the display
  • How easily a customer can try on a necklace from your display
  • How many necklaces the display can hold
  • Durability, if the necklace display will be traveling to a lot of shows
  • Stability in a stiff breeze, if you’ll be displaying outdoors
  • Size of the necklace display, and how much space it takes up on the table
  • Whether it coordinates well with the jewelry on it
  • What lengths of necklaces you’ll be displaying
  • Whether it coordinates well with the rest of your jewelry display
  • Ease of pre-loading the display with necklaces at home and transporting it loaded to shows
  • Ability to make your jewelry prices known
  • Ability to display necklaces near pieces they match (for add-on selling)
  • Whether it’s a good showcase for your attention grabbing, knock-their-socks-off necklace.


There are many styles of stands and boards with hooks or hangers that hold necklaces, which are popular because they’re attractive, professional, and they hold a lot of jewelry while using only a small amount of table space.

These come in velvet, leatherette, silk, satin, linen, and other fabrics, as well as plastic, wood, and metal. You can find a huge selection of them at jewelry display suppliers or on eBay.

You can also hang jewelry fromall sorts of household knicknacks.

You can also hang jewelry from all sorts of household knicknacks.

There are also jewelry rolls that are used mainly by traveling jewelry wholesalers, that unroll or unfold to show necklaces snapped into place and laid out nice and straight.

These are very convenient for traveling to a lot of different venues, especially if you have to pack small.

Necklace Busts
Display Eye-Catching Neckware

A white display bust makes a nice contrastfor this amber jewelry.

A white display bust makes a nice contrast for this amber jewelry.

There are many displays shaped like an upper torso (sometimes including a head), called necklace busts. These are made to display a single necklace, and sometimes also have an attached earring display at the top to show a matching pair of earrings.

They’re made in all colors of velvet, leatherette, linen, silk, satin, and sometimes other fabrics. I’ve also seen them in metal, wood, and plastic.

You can also make your own cheap and easy necklace display busts like this one, that look very professional.

You can also make your own cheap and easy necklace display busts like this one, that look very professional.

Other types of necklace busts can be made cheaply by using your choice of fabric to cover an object that has a good shape for “wearing” a necklace. Consider objects made from Styrofoam, cardboard, or plastic for covering with your fabric.

Also look at things like bowls turned upside down, empty oatmeal boxes, and other items you have around the house.

Once they’re covered with fabric, these unusual objects will look very elegant, and no one will stop to wonder what’s inside the fabric!

Your customers will only notice the jewelry in its intriguing surroundings.

Make Your Own Creative
Pendant, Neckwire, and Necklace Displays

Other inventive ways I’ve seen jewelry artists displaying necklaces include:

  • Hanging from hooks on painted or fabric-covered pegboard
  • Worn by a doll
  • Worn by a mannequin
  • Pinned to foam core board (as shown in photo at right)
  • Pinned to fabric inside a picture frame that was propped up on an easel
  • Laid out artistically on an elegant piece of fabric
  • Draped across risers
  • Artistically draped around jewelry boxes
  • Hanging on an interesting, bare tree branch
  • Hanging on painted dowel
  • Pinned to a fancy bulletin board
  • Pinned to a fabric-covered bulletin board
  • Draped across rocks.
Jewelry hanging from a display boardis easy to shop from.

Jewelry hanging from a display board is easy to shop from.

Consider spray-painting or re-covering old displays and busts to give them a jazzy new life.

Do some research on different kinds of necklace displays available from jewelry suppliers.

Peruse catalogs and the Web, looking at colors, styles, designs, and especially prices.

Be sure to compare prices carefully, because they vary widely from one jewelry display supplier to another – especially with the cost of shipping.

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