Natural Necklace Display

by Ryann Thompson.
(Chester County, Pa)

Natural jewelry displays - a unique look, made from found items

My jewelry display is always evolving.

I wanted my stand to compliment the style of my jewelry without spending a ton of money, all while keeping in mind that my display will grow – so I want to easily add matching or complementary pieces later.

T-bar display made from firewood, dowels and old deck boards

I didn’t want to purchase something and then come back a few months later searching for matching pieces.

I found an inexpensive and practical solution for the long run.

Unconventional, rustic materials make great jewelry displays

If I made a few t-bars to hang my necklaces from and decided later that I needed more, I could simply make them and they would match perfectly.

I wanted to go with a material that would match the rustic style of my designs and be something I could find years later if I so desire.

I went digging around my Dad’s house and found some firewood, dowels and old deck boards to construct a few t-bars with.

Nearly-free booth banner, with bargain tablecloths and lace runners

I absolutely adore them.

I then scoured the rest of my belongings to find other unconventional materials for my display.

Everything I used was either something I already owned or picked up at a discount store.

The banner was purchased online at Vistaprint for only the cost of shipping.

Table cloths were less than $10 each, the lace runners are curtain valances I picked up at the Goodwill for a $1 a piece (purchased 6 for future tables).

For my second display I added a round log to display bracelets on, which matched the rest of the branch hangers perfectly.

I receive just as many compliments on my display as I do my jewelry!

(Update: Also see Ryann’s new rustic Unique Jewelry Display from discarded items.)

I welcome you to visit my blog to read more about how I set up my display.

Ryann Thompson
Ryann’s This’n’That
Designs by Ryann


Wonderful rustic displays!
by: Rena

Ryann, your displays are so cool and unique. I love your way of seeing the display potential in ordinary scraps and natural objects.

And all of the dark wood really makes your jewelry pop out.

Your T-bar display is especially wonderful – very innovative!

I can see why people are drawn to your booth! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Thanks you!
by: Ryann

Thank you so much, Rena!

I am looking forward to scouring all winter long for new(old) pieces to add to my display next season!

re: rustic jewelry display
by: Jules

Dear Ryan,

You have given me a real mental lift!

I can see that we are like minded when it comes to old wood. We lost our house two years ago, after we lost our jobs. Among the zillions of things I’ve been forced to get rid of I have just uncovered boxes labeled Julie’s wooden things and Julies’s metal things.

I’ve been saving all kinds of cool stuff and now it’s being threated with being tossed in the trash… like so many things already has been.

I had alot of my cool stuff hanging on the fence around the house and it’s difficult to fit these things into a tiny apartment space.

I am now going verticle. I have shapely tree branches behind the bed and behind my computer. I’m going to go through my boxes today and see what can be salvaged and hung on the wall for display of jewelry …I have a goodly amount that I have handcrafted.

It’s wonderful that you have shared your lovely ideas.

All the best,

by: Ducksnort Jewelry

When I saw the your display with the mirror my first thought was “That’s brilliant!!” my next thought was “DUH!! Why didn’t I think of that!!” THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I needed that little kick of inspiration!! 🙂

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  • Ryann says:

    Jules, I am so happy to hear I was able to inspire you to look at some of your items in a new way. I am so sorry to hear that you had to give up some of your wonderful items 🙁 I do love old wood and love finding new ways to use anything new. I hope you were able to find some solutions to your design dilemmas!

  • I’d like to know more about the banner please. Is it vinyl? How is it attached? what size is it? I do my business cards through Vistaprint.


  • Melissa says:

    This is such a great idea for all those who weathered the freezing storm that hit Ontario and other parts and lost many trees. Trees had snapped and fallen all around our neighborhood, taking down power-lines. We went without power for several days. My grandfather (i’m his caregiver) had to be picked up by the family and taken to another town where there was power while I stayed behind with my pets (cuz my family wont help my pets so I chose to stay behind with them). The temp dropped to 5 degrees above freezing.

    This is a neat idea to recycle the fallen tree we have in our backyard that snapped in half because of the cold during those few days. Perhaps I can save some good branches 🙂

  • >