Nanny’s Treasures: My Vintage Heirloom Design

by Sarah R.
(Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada)

Some of my favorite memories of my grandmother are when she would let me explore her jewelry box.

SReid: Nanny's Treasures: My Vintage Heirloom Design 1

She had a multi level wooden jewelry box filled with all sorts of treasures. Some costume, some fine and many handmade pieces. I loved to look at each piece and hear the story behind it.

I am very lucky to have her jewelry box and most of the jewelry that it once contained. Every so often I look through her jewelry and admire each piece.

SReid: Nanny's Treasures: My Vintage Heirloom Design 2

I have wanted to make something for myself out of it for quite awhile. I always put it off because I was too scared to
alter any of it. I finally took the plunge a couple weeks ago and I’m sorry I didn’t do it earlier.

I started off carefully by choosing a few pieces that were in poor condition and outdated. I knew I would never wear them as they were so it didn’t feel so intimidating to take them apart.

SReid: Nanny's Treasures: My Vintage Heirloom Design 4

I cut the old cord strap off the watch, removed the ear wires and clipped the rhinestone clasp from the glass pearl necklace. I had her monogrammed gold locket ready to go. When I took
the clasp off I realized it would make a pretty link to connect the locket to the watch face.

I created wire links from the pearls with antique brass finish wire to give the necklace a vintage feel. I added a few clear Swarovski crystals to add sparkle and a tiny angel wing charm to signify that my grandmother has passed on.

I used the rectangular filigree earrings to add a little interest amongst the pearl strands.

I love the finished necklace and couldn’t be happier with it. I have worn it a lot since I made it and have gotten many compliments about it.

Many people have asked if I could make something using their special treasures. I think creating more vintage heirloom jewelry is definitely in my future.

I hope that she would love the end result as much as I do.

Sarah R
Sarah Reid Designs at etsy

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