My Wire Jewelry

by Sharon Hamilton.
(Cleveland Ohio)

Wire bracelets by Sharon Hamilton  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Wire bracelets

Thank you Rena. I saw some of your wire work and became obsessed with learning how to do it. You showed me that even I can do it!

Elegant Necklace Set by Sharon Hamilton  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Elegant necklace set

I’ve been making jewelry for three years and it relaxes me. I’ve even done some house craft shows and made a few dollars.

Sharon Hamilton

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  • Thank you, Sharon, I’m so honored that you’re giving me credit for the inspiration to start your wire journey! 🙂 All of your pieces here are gorgeous. In photo 1, I love that these bracelets have colorful stones surrounded by so much wire wrapping – wrapped around the stones as well as around the main wire. In contrast, the pieces in photo 2 are beautiful for the delicacy of having less wire, along with the curvature of the earrings, and the openwork wire on the bracelet. I love your style!

  • Sharon Hamilton says:

    Thank you for the kind words Rena. Just hearing from you made my day!

  • Susan says:

    I love this style of wire wrapping around the stones! I haven’t tried it yet but I want to soon. I like the open bangle. That seems like it would be easier to fit my wrist, unlike a closed bangle. You’ve inspired me to try this.

  • Etta Hughes says:

    This jewelry is so elegant, classy, and beautiful. I love your work.

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